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[jeremy nitta]Original title: Academician Ni Guangnan, Chinese Academy of Engineering…☆★○: Beidou can break through□●▷•, let alone chip•…◁? Source▲△◆▷: The Voice of China This week☆…•△, Lin Ning, who was a Chinese Academy of Engineering, Ni Guangnan Assistant, published articles •★=☆”The past on domestic chip and operating system”, recalling the history of the chip and operating system, in the year and Ni Guangnan and other people, in a friend Circle screen△•. Just before, ZTE was sanctioned by the US government and was banned from purchasing sensitive products to US companies within the next seven years. Ni Guangnan, this 79-year-old domestic chip and the authority of the operating system are again a focus. What is ZTE encounter▼◆? Is it accidentally still? After ZTE◁◆☆▼, how far is “China Core★◇▲”? Yesterday afternoon, the voice of China was an exclusive interview with Ni Guangnan academicians▼◆. Ni Guangnans former assistant Liang Ning wrote in this 100,000 + artic☆-.

The 13th National Peoples Congress One Meeting News Center held a press conference this morning, inviting the Ministry of Science and Technology▪◁★, the Minister of Science and Technology●▼☆, the Director of the Policies and Regulations, and the Director of the Innovation Development Director Xu Wei…•◆▷, “Accelerating the Building Innovative Country” related issues to answer Chinese and foreign reporters. Ask questions. Minister Wan Steel, Minister of Science and Technology★◆☆●, said that my countrys scientific and technological innovation is gradually turning to more fields by the past and running, leading◆-. He also mentioned the “Brilliant China” adaptation, ▽◇▪”CCTV◁▷” adaptation, CCTV□●◇◇, China Film Co=▷…○., Ltd-▲-., China☆▽▽, “” ☆▽▼” Which high-tech is China•◇◁? Cloning monkey on the list: “Government Work Report” has given a high evaluation of five-year scientific and technological innovation, pointing to the fruitful▽…, overall innovation capacity and efficiency of innovation▲◇☆□, overall innovation capabiliti.

Original title▪▲: Xu Jiatao, the original Political Consultative Conference of Anhui Tongcheng, was sentenced to 800,000 yuan for 6 years, and Xu Jiatao, 800,000 yuan. The defendant Xu Jiaxao sentenced the bribery to six years in prison, and fined 800☆○☆,000 yuan. The defendant Xu Jiatao, male☆•◆●, born in 1963, Shucheng County▪•☆, Anhui Province▼△, Party Secretary, Chairman (positive level) of Tongcheng County □◇•△, The district secretary, the party committee secretary…○, the deputy secretary of the Tongcian Commission for Discipline Inspection, Director Tongcheng Municipal Committee▷•, Director of the Supervision Bureau, the Minister of Organization■-, the Secretary-General, the Director of the Office, and the executive deputy mayor of the municipal government-=. The court was tri?