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[collagen pure supplier]Zhongxin Net Pixiang May 28th•=■: ​​More than 400 cross-border driving drivers boost Chinese, Yuehua reporter Jiang Xuelin◇★, with the current situation of new wave of epidemic••, the prevention and control situation of Guangxi friendship port is suddenly nervous. There is such a group of people, in order to ensure the smooth international trade◁-●•, dangerous, throughout the day between China and Vietnamese ports, they are the drivers of the entry and exit trucks. Recently□●, the reporter saw in an interview in Guangxi Friendship Port, although the overseas epidemics were severe, the import and exit trucks were busy. It is understood that since May 25, Friendship Port will be approximately 1300 times a day. Because the entry and exit truck driving drivers, closed-loop management, the reporter can only pass electrici.

Original title: Guo Pujia representative: China Air Force will will fly farther…▼, more powerful•…▽, and better, and todays “record two sessions…▲…◆” to record the National Peoples Congress, the Deputy Political Committee of the Central Affairs Battle District and the Air Force Committee of the Central Affairs Community Sound, please listen to the report of Junan reporter Ji Mengnan. [Ji Mengnan]: At the third meeting of the Peoples Liberation Army and Armed Police Force, you have made reports for the Chair, and the Chairman of Xi gave responded. What is your deepest feelings? [Guo Pu School]: I am the first time I participated in the National Peoples Congress, and I have the opportunity to report some of the situation of the Force to report the construction of the troops in the PLA and the Armed Police Force Delegation. I feel very honored. Through the important instructions of the Chairman of the Listening○▪, I feel the in-depth understanding of the troops◇◆□, the deep thinking of the army constructi.

Original title: The central bank decided to stop the fourth set of RMB parties from May 1st, and the Peoples Bank of China decided to stop the fourth set of RMB 100, 50 yuan since May 1△…-▲, 2018. 10 yuan, 5 yuan, 2 yuan▷◁★■, 1 yuan☆▲★, 2 angle banknotes and 1 angle coins (hereinafter referred to as the fourth set of RMB part courses) circulate in the market. The announcement is now as follows: 1=•. The specific situation of the fourth set of RMB part courses (1) The fourth set of RMB 100 yuan banknotes. Its main color is called blue▲=■★, and the front pattern is Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai△○, Liu Shaoqi and Zhu De four leaders embellistics, the back pattern is the main peak of Jinggangshan▪◇▲. (2) The fourth set of RMB 50 yuan banknotes. Its main color is called black tea, the front pattern is worker☆□, farmers…■, intellectual avatar, ba.

Original title: How to actively deal with the aging of the population? On behalf of the members, the representative of the company has given the residents old-fashioned (Minsheng Welfare Round Table) This reporter Lu Lili Ke Zhongli Jiang Yunlong Zheng Shengcheng representative: To establish a multi-level pension insurance system. In addition to basic endowment insurance, we must improve the annuity or professional annuity and pure voluntary business pension system□◆-▽. Yisida Towards Committee: Further promote the right to simultaneously●☆☆☆, streamline the approval process, reduce the admission threshold for the pension service market, so that the old-age service industry has promoted the new kinetic energy promotion of high quality development…☆◁. Huang Yulin, representative: It is recommended that the state has developed a special subsidy policy for the elderly and disabled elderly, and do a good job in the connection with long-term nursing insurance◁○●. Deepen the reform of the pension insurance system★▽, strengthen the basic support of the first heavy guarant◆-.

Original title: The national per capita holds a bank card 4●☆◇.84 Zhang Your wallet? China Peoples Bank issued an overall situation of the 2017 payment system on March 5, as of the end of 2017•◆△▼, the national bank card is 6693 million in the number of issues, a year-on-year increase of 9◁•▽•.27%●▼. The national per capita holds 4.84 bank cards, including 0.39 credit cards. From the bank card type▼▲, the credit card is 610-★.5 billion, an increase of 7.87% year-on-year■■…; the credit card and borrowing card combined with a total of 588 million sheets, a year-on-year increase of 26.35%▲★. The number of cards in the use of issues accounts for 91△☆☆◇.22% of the bank card in the number of issues, which has declined from the last year. National per capita holds 4.84 bank cards•★=, year-on-year increase 8.collagen pure supplier – beef gelatin powder neame.