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[supra collagen]National Bureau of Statistics-▽△▼: Industrial Enterprise Production and Management Stable to Higher Profit Fast Growth CCTV News: According to the National Bureau of Statistics-▪, the website on May 27th, this year, with the further consolidation of co-ordination epidemic prevention and economic and social development, market The demand continues to recover○▪◆-, the production and operation of industrial enterprises is stable○■▽◁, the total profit continues to be rapidly increased□-, and the quality of corporate quality is continuously improved. I. The profit of industrial enterprises continues to grow rapidly from January-April, and industrial enterprises above the country have achieved profit of 2594.35 billion yuan=☆…, a year-on-year increase of 1▪○.06 times▪☆○, continued to grow rapid growth in the second half of last year; Compared with 2019, profit Increasing 49.6%, two yea!

Original title: The Emergency Management Department will open video scheduling will deploy anti-typhoon emergency rescue work on August 20th, subject to the impact of “Wenbia”◆▲•, No. 18 of this year, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, has increased to heavy rain, causing more in the city Severe water is severe, open ☆☆•”see the sea” mode▪★☆. Park Feng photo, new network on August 20th, the emergency management website news△•, on the evening of August 19th, the Emergency Management Department once again held a typhoon flood control emergency rescue video dispatching meeting☆=•, and Anhui▲▪◆, Henan, Shandong, Tianjin, Liaoning◁▽▪, Gansu Waiting for 10 provinces (municipal) firefighters video connection, requiring resoluteness to win the anti-typhoon flood control emergency rescue key. It is understood that this year has a large number of typhoon, the path is changeable…•▪, the precipitation is large, and the influence is wide, and the loss is serious. The Emergency Management Department requires that the fire fighting force should continue to attach great importance to it, active◆•▽○.

Original title: Duck Blood Pump Soup Regulation Standard Application? Nanjing▪▼: Studying Duck Blood Diversion Soup, which is the most authentic? Recently▽•▼▪, Jiangsu Nanjing Food and Drug Administration responded that the local standards of duck blood powder soup are still in research■•. The Nanjing Catering Chamber of Commerce is preparing for its application. Responsible Editor: Zhang ?

Inner Mongolia Radio and Television Reporter=…•◁: I want to ask Liu Qiangdong Committee. Hello Liu Bi▲■, now the development of the e-commerce industry is in full swing△◇, including the many regions of Inner Mongolia, now ▷○”e-commerce + poverty alleviation” road, what do we explore which e-commerce poverty alleviation? Do you think we should go to better play the role of e-commerce rich peasants, and truly open the “last kilometer”•●, make this offensive battle? Thank you. Liu Qiangdong: Thank you for your question. Jingdong has already done a few years of deep poverty alleviation. When I started doing e-commerce in 2003•▪, I went to Jingle County••, Shanxi Province, started “poverty alleviation”, and this ability is outside the business. A further increased contribution. I feel that the most important thing for poverty alleviation: First, this year is giving the villa bovine collagen peptides pregnancy purification of recombinant protein for industrial use cornell=★○▽ china gelatin collagen fish collagen peptide manufacturers in india!Pectin manufacturer!