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[chicken native type ii collagen]Zhongxin Net Chengdu May 27th (Du Cheng) In recent years, intellectual property protection has formed more and more broad consensus in society. However, a large-scale food company in Sichuan has more than 300 million yuan in recent years○◁, has repeatedly encountered trademark malicious counterfeit, and the trademark of counterfeiters only has •■”the difference in the word”, so that the authentic manufacturer and consumers have suffered. The imitation of the trademark Li Wei and Li Guan only “the difference in one word” “This is the authentic product of our company. This is a counterfeit product. Do you see two products?” On the morning of the 27th, the news held in Shen Master Food Co•▲○.▪▷, Ltd. At the press conference◁◇★■, the general manager Shen Qiang is a glimpse. The ▪☆△△”Shen Masbo▽●▪▲” product packaging of “Shen Master” is impeded, on.

China Xinchang Nanchang May 26 (Reporter Wu Pengquan) “We will give full play to the red resource advantage, strive to build a national red culture inheritance, and promote the revolutionary development of the provinces revolutionary old district.” Jiangxi Culture and Tourism Hall secondary patrol Empressor Guobao said in Nanchang on the 26th. On the same day, Jiangxi officially held the “Implementation Opinions on the Development of the New Era” (referred to as ••●=”Implementation Opinions★◆◇”) Press Conference•▲, Zhang Guobao discloses the above information when answering the media question. Recently, Jiangxi Province issued “Implementation Opinions” proposed that focusing promotes the red genes, vigorously implementing the protection of revolutionary cultural relics, and promoting high quality development of red tourism▼▷. Chapt◇◁■●.

Original title: Guiyang to Nanning high-speed rail comprehensive opening operation is less than 2 hours abstract tips△=-: news from the provincial rail construction, Guiyang to Nanning high-speed railway construction also ushered in important nodes – Recently★▼△△, with Guidan high-speed rail bidding After completion☆◇□, each section of the project department enters the field==…, which marks the full launch of the entire line construction. This worlds bridge tunnel is the highest speed, the fastest speed of Guizhou is expected to operate at the end of 2022. Guiyang to Nanning high-speed rail is fully opened is the fastest speed of the design speed of Guizhou. The whole course is less than 2 hours. It is expected to open the news from the end of 2022□★. – Recently, with the high-speed rail bidding of Guisheng high-speed rail▽◇■, the project department of each section is constructe.Gelatin capsule beef gelatin american gelatin,