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[naticol fish collagen peptides]Website News Recently, the Sino-Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission has recently been reported to the four key industries in the field of key industries▪•□. 1. The original staff of Jiyang City Medical Security Affairs Center Wen Xin uses the position of the position, and illegally accounts for public property issues. From June 2019 to July 2020=-, Wenxin was using the Finance Department of the Municipal Medical Insurance Administration, and the citys medical security affairs center financial work▼▽○•, using the position of the position, 39 times from the municipal civil service medical insurance fund and the closing personnel medical insurance The Gold account is transferred from 19.152 million to the bank card that is in the name of others▼◁▼☆, is used to repay personal loans and daily consumption▷▲…•. In November 2020, Wen Xin w.

Original title○★▪: Fishing boat is rescued, the fighter emergency takes off, staged the life and death=◁, the naval transport plane took off from the airport of Qiong Island▽◆…◆, transfer Nansha 187 Hospital==▽○, so that the patient turned into danger. On March 23, the Naval Air Force Available in Qiongtu Flights staged a “life and death speed” running with time racing. At 2 pm on the 22nd, a island reef stationed unit received a fishing boat to help■•◇, the ship fishermen Li Feng came to vomit blood, high fever, and people have shove☆△. The unit was first dispatched with a medical group. After preliminary consultation, it was found that the patient had a grease bleeding. The amount of bleeding has reached 1000cc, and the medical staff immediately took measures against anti-shock treatment, boosting▼-••, but still needed to further identify the cause. However◁…★☆, the medical conditions on the island are limited and surgery cannot be performed. The leaders of the stationary unit immediately decide.

What new findings will be held in Guanghan? To see → Today (28th)▲■, the “Samsung Global Culture” jointly hosted by the State Administration News Office, the State Cultural Relics Bureau, and the Sichuan Provincial Peoples Government, held outside the archaeological coverage of the Guanghan Samsung Pile Site••□. Promoting the latest exploration progress of 6 sacrificial pits of Samsung Piles. Up to now, there are nearly 2,000 pieces of important cultural relics such as teeth, bronze, gold, jade, etc., and nearly 2▲▪○•,000 pieces of abstract cultural relics…◆◇▪, etc. The Ivory extraction work in the 3rd▼○…▷, 4 pits has been basically completed, and the next step will be discovered in many disclosed bronze; the 5 pit is special, rou▪○=△.

We noticed that China Joint Morning Post reporter said that China has advocated the construction of human fate communies=☆, and proposes to provide Chinese programs and Chinese wisdom to solve human problems-☆◇△. However, there are also some comments concerned that Chinas Chinese model is to change the existing international order and rules☆=●, please ask spokespersons, do you think this is in line with the facts? What is your evaluation? Thank you. Zhang Yifeng thank you for your question. The 19th National Congress of the Party summarizes the historic achievements of Chinas development. It is proposed that the socialism of Chinese characteristics has entered the new era. It is proposed to promote the construction of new international relations to promote the construction of human fate community. China has always won the peaceful development path, always not pursuing the open strategy of mutual benefit and win-win▲○○▲, adheres to the five principles of peaceful coexisten☆■☆▽.