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About Us collagen foundation collagen drink skin whitening,[ambar protein industries ltd share price]Original title: July 4, 2018 Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Hou○▽•▲, presiding, July 6, July 6▷○, the EU Diplomacy and Safety Policy Senior Representative Mo Garini will convene an Iranian nuclear issue in Vienna in Austria▼-•. French Foreign Minister Leidron◇…-, German Foreign Minister Mas, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, the UK Foreign Minister Johnson■◇, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarov will attend the meeting. Dang Yi State Committee and Foreign Minister will attend the Chinese. In the meantime, the Austrian Foreign Minister Knire, Wang Yi State Committee and Foreign Minister will also visit Austria on July 5-△. Q: You just announced the news of Wang Yi State Committee and Foreign Minister will attend the expectant of the Iranian issue and the news that visit Austria. What is expected▲△◁? A▼●▪•: This meeting is the first foreign ministers held by Iranian comprehensio▪▪•.

Original title★△…-: Historical memory: Great feat to let million serfs stand up – Write in the ninth Tibet Million Rufan Liberation Memorial Day, Zhang Yun, March 28, 1959□▷•, is a great meaning of Tibet. Day, the central government announced the dissolution of the Tibet local governments, exercised their powers by the Preparatory Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region, leading the people of Tibet to carry out democratic reforms, thoroughly abolished the millennium, and the indentation of political teachings The system, making millions of serfs over liberation, when the home is the master●□, the local society in Tibet achieves the historic change of the earth, ushered in a new era of continuous development of prosperous civilization▷▷■. The Darre Group servants main forces have made many beautification work for the old Tibetan political temporary seri syste★▪★.

Finance Weekly reporter: I want to ask Yang Weimin members. Hello Yang…•=, Hello, the 19th National Report◁○◆, Chinas economic development has turned from the stage of high-speed development stage. The main expected goal proposed in this years government work report○•◆▷, where GDP expected the goal of about 6.5%☆•☆. I would like to ask Yang Committee, in the economic high quality development stage, the central government needs to establish which policy systems, indicator systems•…▲, and assessment methods to guide the governments of all levels to take the “tightening” in the past, thus achieving economic high quality development? Thank you. Yang Weimin: General Secretary proposed to promote high-quality development in the Central Economic Work Conference last year, plus a system, which is actually 6 + 1 policy system and system○=▷. First of all■▲◆▼, it is necessary to study what is high quality development△□…, because y▼-▼◆.

Chinas new network Beijing May 27 (Reporter Zhang Su) =◁◆”my countrys development digital economy has achieved remarkable results, but there is still gap and potential▽▷○▲.” China International Multinational Corporation Promotion Association Special Vice President Li Yi said in Beijing on the 26th▼◇. On the same day, Huzhou Wu Xing-transnational Association (Beijing) Investment Promotion Conference and Beijing Wu Xing Chamber of Commerce held in Beijing▷○●■. Li Yi is on the meeting on how to continue to promote digital industrialization and industrial digital issuance. In his opinion▽…, from 2G to 5G, Chinas information communication technology, the electronic information industry quickly jumped, but the integrated circuit industry has a short board and gap. He also pointed out the problems and resistance of the industrys digitalization process△★, and some industrial enterprises are digitally transforme▲-★.