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[protein processing industry]Original title-☆▷▪: Leading cadres should be in the election of Germany☆◆□, Li Yongsheng, Comrade Xi Jinping■▪……, emphasized that “leading cadres should be asked”, and profoundly clarify the importance of “leading cadres” , Practical path of Juanzhi. This important discussion is rich in connotation, profound thinking, strong targeted and guiding. In the new era, leading cadres should show new meteorological changes. To do “Iron Iron must be self-hard”▪▼, must speak political and Germany. As the saying goes, the country is not rich, people are no longer, and the official is not rich■=. From the perspective of politics, polite is a comprehensive manifestation of political quality, moral product line, and thinking style. The ancients said●…: “For the politics, such as Beichen, the stars are all in the mortar.” Leading cadres and morality can be divided into morali.

Original title-▼◆: Zhang Xuan Ren, Shanghai Jiading District Party Secretary, Ma Chunlei, is the director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission (Figure Resume) Economic Daily – China Economic Network Shanghai April 3 Comprehensive report According to “Shanghai Jiading” WeChat public number, April 2 In the morning•△△-, Jiading District held the party and government responsible cadre meeting in the region, Zheng Jintin□▷, deputy director of the Municipal Party Committee●●★▽, read the municipal party committee decided▲▲…: Comrade Ma Chunlei served as Deputy Secretary-General of the Shanghai Municipal Peoples Government, Director of Shanghai Development and Reform Commission, Party Secretary○…☆★, etc. Jiading District Party Committee Secretary, Standing Committee, member of the Commission□☆; Comrade Zhang Xuan served as Secretary of the CPC Jiading District Committee□=. According to the China Economic Network Local Party and Government Leading Peoples Library Information, Zhang Wei, born in June 1971, served as the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Xuhui District Committee▽-◆…, deputy director◆▪…◁, served as Jiading District, 2016; Ma Chunlei, born in July 19.

Zhongxin Net Chengdu May 28 (Reporter Anyuan) Sichuan Provincial Public Security Bureau issued a typical case of Myanmar▲▲=★, “high-pay◇●◇▷” scam, reminding the public to go out to work out through regular, legal labor intermediary, do not let go of Myanmar “High pay” recruitment information in the north area. According to reports, July 31, 2020, the Sichuan Provincial Public Security Bureau received the masses alarm, a native of the Neijiang, a high-pay returns, was deceived to Myanmars telecommunications network fraud. After receiving the alarm▲•, the Zi Zhongxian County Public Security Bureau quickly established a special foundation to carry out in-depth investigation. In March 2021, under the unified leadership and coordination command of the Sichuan Provincial Public Security Department and the Neijiang Municipal Public Security Bureau, the task force passed the two concentratio.About Us!

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