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[fish scales collagen]Original title◁☆: Chang Zheng Dangzhou Gansu Provincial Government Secretary-General-▲◇○, the Director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Standing Committee of Gansu Provincial Peoples Congress decided to appoint a list of Thirteen National Peoples Congress, the second meeting of the Thirteenth National Peoples Congress Standing Committee…▽△▷, appointed: Chang Zhengguo is the Secretary-General of the Peoples Government of Gansu Province; Kangjun is director of the Development and Reform Commission of Gansu Province; Wang Haiyan is a long history of the Gansu Provincial Department of Education; Li Wenqing is a long history of Gansu Province; Qihua is Gansu Province Industrial and Information Technology Director of the Committee▷■•; Magou became the director of the National Committee of the Gansu Province; Yu Jian is the director of the Gansu Provincial Public Security Department▷=◇; Li Zhixun is the Hall of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Gansu Province, the director of the Gansu Provincial Department of Justice■□☆; Jia Tingshi is the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Gansu Province Hall lon?

Original title: Li Ganjie talked about the reform of the State Council: Implementing regulators and owners from the afternoon of March 17th, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a press conference at the center of Madia◁◆-, Minister Li Ganjie, Minister of Environmental Protection, Li Ganjie, “Pollution The relevant issues of prevention and treatment of attacks have answered questions from Chinese and foreign journalists. For this reform of this State Council□▪▷▽, Li Ganjie said that he believed that this reform fully reflected the important strategic ideas of Xi Jinpings ecological civilization construction, especially in the overall system, that is▽●, to coordinate the governance of mountain waterland lake system. Li Ganjie said that this years ▲▼”two sessions△★▼”, General Secretary participated in the consideration of the Inner Mongolia delegation on March 5, and once again emphasized this•▲-: Strengthening the construction of ecological environment protection◆▪○, and coordinating the governance of mountain hydrangea. Third Plenary Session of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committ■★.

Original title•☆: Chen Wenhui▪◁▼: The Pilot Program of Tax Dragon Pension Insurance will be launched on the afternoon of March 5 in the near future, and the Guangdong Provincial Delegation considered the governments work report. Chen Wenhui, vice chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission…●▪, will listen to opinions. Chen Wenhui revealed that the reporter reporter reporter was revealed that the current tax-type pension insurance pilot program has been adopted by the relevant departments☆-◁•. Now the Insurance Regulatory Commission is actively preparing, will be launched in the near future☆▽◁. Source: Securities Times Network Click to enter Special Responsibility Editor: Guoqia.

China China uses power to infiltrate? Wang Guoqing responded] It is not the first time for the new word, black us in China. We are very sorry to see that some people in the West have entered the 21st century. The brain still stayed in the cold warhood, do the same thing□=-▪, the West is a soft strength or skillful strength, to our China, dont have the sharp strength? This speculation is full of prejudice●•■◆, discrimination and hostility against China. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang Jian!

Original title: Wang Heping Ren Yichun City, Mayor Zhang Xiaoping resigned from the Mayors position (Figure Resume) Economic Daily – China Economic Network Beijing April 2, Jiangxi Yichun City, the fourth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Peoples Congress…○◇, China Decided on April 2, 2018: Appointment Wang level is the deputy mayor of Yichun City Peoples Government, Wang Heping Acting for the Mayor of Yichun Municipal Peoples Government▷◆. The meeting decided: accept Zhang Xiaoping resigned from the position of the Mayor of Yichun Municipal Peoples Government, and reported to the fourth meeting of the 4th Peoples Congress of Yichun City=△. According to the China Economic Network Local Party and Government Leading Peoples Library, Wang Heping…=, Male, born in July 1964, which was previously served as a long and party secretary of the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Commerce, recently served as Deputy Secretary of Yichun Municipal Committee◁▽. Wang Horizontal Resume Wang Horizontal△●◇, Male, Han, . bovine collagen peptides vegetarian pork source gelatin

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