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[collagen peptides native path]The 10th National Congress of the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology held a 10th National Congress on the 28th•◁★◇. Xi Jinping has published an important speech to emphasize that adherence to the strategic support of technology from the national development▲■△•, based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, and build a new development pattern, promote high-quality development■=▪◁, facing the main science and technology frontier, the main battlefield, the country Major demand◇▷, facing the peoples lives and health, in-depth implementation of scientific education strategy○…, talent strong country strategy●▪○, innovative driving development strategy, grasp the big potential, seize the opportunity, face the problem, and improve the national innovation system, accelerate the construction of science and technology, high Horizontal technology self-reliance. [Editor•-: Su Yiy!

Original title▷=: China improves the national defense budget▼…■, do not have to be frightened (Heroes, two sessions) “Peoples Daily Overseas Edition” (March 07, 2018) Every year, Chinas national defense spending issues will always cause some foreign media inexplicable Stunning. In 2018, Chinas defense budget exceeded 1◆☆.1 trillion yuan☆□◆, the growth rate was 8.1%◁◇, and the concerns of some overseas public opinion were also triggered▼☆. After all, this is the first national defense expenditure number after Chinas big knife. From the absolute number, Chinas military expenditure has increased to be ☆=◁◁”scary”, but if you really study it, this increase is normal and it is necessary. In the early stages of reform and opening up, in order to ensure economic growth, China is in a very long history of histor.

Original title▷-☆-: Zhang Xuan Ren, Shanghai Jiading District Party Secretary, Ma Chunlei=●•, is the director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission (Figure Resume) Economic Daily – China Economic Network Shanghai April 3 Comprehensive report According to ▽•”Shanghai Jiading◆●▽” WeChat public number, April 2 In the morning, Jiading District held the party and government responsible cadre meeting in the region○▼■, Zheng Jintin, deputy director of the Municipal Party Committee, read the municipal party committee decided▽-◆☆: Comrade Ma Chunlei served as Deputy Secretary-General of the Shanghai Municipal Peoples Government, Director of Shanghai Development and Reform Commission…○☆, Party Secretary▽▪-, etc. Jiading District Party Committee Secretary▼□◆▼, Standing Committee••●-, member of the Commission; Comrade Zhang Xuan served as Secretary of the CPC Jiading District Committee. According to the China Economic Network Local Party and Government Leading Peoples Library Information, Zhang Wei, born in June 1971, served as the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Xuhui District Committee☆◁△, deputy director•□==, served as Jiading District, 2016; Ma Chunlei△▼, born in July 19?

Original title: China Air Force mixed formation flying over the palace ancient strait Niki auto-lifting [Observer Net Army Works / Wang Shi pure] March 23 After flight to the Pacific Ocean▪☆-□, the Japanese Self-Defense Team dispatched the F-15J fighter to follow the military plane. In this announcement, the self-defense team once again used the ◁△=”estimated fighter■☆…•”, according to Japans report habits, “estimates” said that the self-defense team failed to shoot the opponents clear picture, which may mean a more intense motorization in the process of confrontation▷•. confrontation. According to the publication released by the Japanese Curtain Monitor, the Chinese Air Force Unit of the Temple Strait on March 23 included 4 -6-type bomber, 1 mount -8 electronic countermers and 1 ? protein mfg industry terms peptone bacteriological soyGelatin capsule animal peptone collagen melting point,