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[fish gelatin halal]Original title: The State Councils Notice of Institutional Settings, Guofa [2018] No. 6△▪★, all provinces○•, autonomous regions◇▲, municipalities directly under the Central Government, the Ministry of State: Deepening Party and national institutions in accordance with the Third Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee The Reform Plan ▼□”, the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress reviewed approval approved the State Council of the State Council, the first executive meeting of the State Council, reviewed the special organization, direct institution, and direct institutions, direct institutions setup plan The statement of the State Council is as follows: 1△=. The Office of the Peoples Republic of China, the Office of the Peoples Republic of China, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Peoples Republic of China, the Peoples Republic of China, the Peoples Republic of China National Development and Reform Commissi••◇△.

Original title: Sichuan Provincial Tourism Investment Group Party Committee◆=, Deputy Secretary, Vice Chairman, President=▲□, Vice Chairman, President●◇▷, Vice Chairman, and President of the Provincial Tourism Group, Supervision Surveillance Sichuan Provincial Tourism Investment Group Co••., Ltd. Lu Rong, deputy secretary, deputy chairman and president of the Chairman of Hong Group Co., Ltd., and the president of the president, the president, is suspected of serious violations and is currently being accepted for disciplinary review and supervision. Langongji Qi Hui Langui, male, Han nationality, May 1959★◁, Guizhou Bijie, in-service graduate■=○. In July 1979=△▲◆, he participated in the work, joined the Communist Party of China in July 1986▽△◇▪. From July 1979 to June 1991◁△☆, Sichuan Automobile Transportation Company Chengdu Company was working; from June 1991 to September 1993, he served as the Office of the Communist Party of Chi▽◁.

Hubei Radio and Television Reporter: This years government work report mentioned that the endogenous motivation to inspire the poverty poverty, surrounded by this problem, all localities have conducted many positive explorations=▲. For example, the Hubei is now in charge, that is▲▽▪-, through the public The countryside, the peoples return hometown△=▽◁, the “three township•☆○▲” projects in the intersection of the country, to promote the flow of elements such as capital, technology, talents, etc☆★. to the countryside. I would like to ask Director Liu, what kind of initiatives we all surround the endogenous motivation of this year? What is the difficulty in this? Is it necessary to attack? Thank you. Liu Yongfu: This is also a very hot topic, and it is also a work we have to strengthen next. There are very many reasons for poverty. There are reasons for the formation of history for thousands of year!

Original title: Minister of Environmental Protection Li Ganjie: Last year, the masses reported 1.70,000 environmental cases. After the afternoon of March 17-▷◇▷, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a press conference at the center of Madia, and Li Ganjie, Minister of Environmental Protection, Li Ganjie, “Hello■•” The relevant issues of pollution prevention and control is answered questions from Chinese and foreign journalists=•★. Li Ganjie said that after the implementation of the New Environmental Protection Law-△☆, the public participation in environmental protection is continuously improved. In 2017, there were 170,000 reports received by the Ministry of Environmental Protection by telephone, WeChat, and the network□△◁△, which was over 2016. It is 3▷▼….5 times in 2014□…. There are only tens of thousands in the past, 30,000 pieces, 38,000△=▼★. One is a substantial increase in the enthusiasm of the masses, and the other is indeed a channel. Basically, these reports we have received have a counted, they must be responsible f.

Original title▪•▲◇: Fengtai District Changhuiyan transferred to the party secretary of the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce◆▼◇□, the New Beijing Newsletter (Reporter Dai Xinsha Xueliang) reporter learned from the official website of the Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau, the Biyan District of Fengtai District Party Secretary Director◆▼. Yan Yan has served as a member of the Beijing Consulate Committee and the Beijing Municipal Communications Commission, member of the Party Committee of the Beijing Construction Committee▲◇, deputy director and member of the Beijing Communications Commission, Beijing Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development◆▽, Party, Deputy Director and Beijing Communications Commission★▪▷▷, Fengtai District Committee Standing Committee, Deputy Director▷•, Deputy Secretary of the Fengtai District Committee, Deputy Director, Director▽▷□■, Director of the Fengtai District Committee, District General. At present, in the 16th district, Dongcheng, Chaoyang, Shunyi, Metegou 4 district leaders have changed•■. On March 2▽▪○, Zhang Guilin-★☆▲, secretary of the Meitou District Party Committee, visited the Secretary and Ascension, Director of the Municipal Assembly◆◆••, and removing the secretary of the Meitou District Party Committe vitamin c collagen is clear jel the same as gelatin fish collagen peptide uses how is gelatin made today!Contacts.