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Gelatin capsule jello composition pectin powder,[gelatin supplement]Original title: Air Force is rare 182 days☆▲◆, the world is playing night. Military fans: Is the drill fried a slag▲□☆☆? [Global Network Military Comprehensive Report] Not long ago, there is a rumor about the earthquake=•■□: “China Earthquake Administration Network officially determined▼■☆▪: 20:29 on March 28th in Taiyi Huangmei (30.37 degrees north latitude, 115○-.53 degrees East) 3.9 earthquake■◇□, 66 kilometers of epicenter sources○-■. ” According to Hubei Daily-Huanggang News Network▽▽◇, the clarification report of Huanggang News Network□-●△, around 20:46 on March 28◆=, Huangmei County Earthquake Administration, the Huangmei County, Hubei Province, was received by the masses to reflect the vibration report of many abnormalities and windows. After receiving, the county earthquake bureau promptly and verifies the earthquake situation in the monitoring and forecast center of the Provincial Earthquake Administration, and verifies that the monitoring information of the earthquake in Huangmei County has not been found. Post with Sus.

Original title: “After 90” bribe△▲, enter the supervision committees vision: Changan Street△○, Issue, Wuting 豪 March 13th◆=△●, the fourth full meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress■△△, listened to the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee on the draft monitoring law Description. When Li Jianguo, the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, Li Jianguo, made the draft law, and the monitoring committee will realize the full coverage of all public officials of all exercise power■-■◇, including the work management personnel of party and government organs, state-owned enterprise management personnel, public “Science and Education Writing” unit of management★☆, etc. “All coverage▼■▼” means that all categories of exercise public officers will be monitored. Today, the referee scriptures announced a bribery first scientific judgment○◇■. The defendant Luo Zhenzhu received 270,000 bribes and was sentenced to three years in prison▲▷●=. Chang•□▲.

Reference fast comment, Washing, ordered the investigation “new crown origin”•▲●▽, what is the heart? Reference Message Network reported on May 27 (Text / Xiangyang) US President Bid 26 issued a paper statement, he has ordered the US intelligence department to report the origin of new crown viruses within 90 days to clarify the new crown virus is from human and infected Animal contact, or from a laboratory accident. Biden also said, ○☆”The United States will continue to cooperate with the same-minded partners around the world to urge China to participate in a comprehensive□=◆-, transparent and evidence-based international survey, and provide all relevant data and evidence.◁…•” The US move is obviously in China. For recent time, the interpretation of the new crown is again in the United State.