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Pectin manufacturer![plant protein industry continue]Original title: The first female general of the Rocket□▷, as a member of the National Peoples Political Consultative Conference The first female general of the National Peoples Congresss representative of the National Peoples Congress – Li Xianyu, which was elected a member of the National Committee of China. View journalists noticed that she is in the Korean family in a minority industry. Li Xianyu…=▼◁, born in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang•○, is not only a provincial high school entrance examination, but also a national scientific and technological progress special award. Nowadays, the director of the Institute of Rocket Army, missile expert○▷. Li Xianyu said that her honor and so on did not have publicly reported that Li Xianyu-▪, who was born in 1964, is a Korean family▷☆, and won the Heilongjiang college entrance examination in 198?

Original title□▷: He hits the Japanese aircraft! The sister wrote to the Japanese wife, shocked the whole world! Dont forget the heros source◁□…: The cow piano time returns to Wuhan, 80 years ago, when a harsh▼△■■, an urgent air strike alert, 54 Japanese military aircraft have approached the sky … Unbelievous is that Wuhan citizens do not show If people are fearful, people have already embarrassed on the street .•-■◆.. There is a woman named Chen Wei. She looked at her brother Chen Huaimin driving aircraft to a Japanese military plane industrial use of proteins▲△■ bovine hide collagen peptides hyaluronic acid! The hero is falling, Chen Huaimin is only twenty-two years old swanson chicken sternum cartilage collagen type ii 500 milligrams industrial protein extraction! His mother cried his eyes, unmarried girlfriends into the river■◆, and sister Chen is chosen to write a letter to the Japanese wife•★□!

The scene of the ancient tomb is found in the chart of the Tomb of the Suspended Square, and there is a lot of murals△◇▲=. It has been preserved. It has a higher archaeological value. According to the management, it was found that a relatively large tomb was found when the villagers of the county Sanmen Temple in the township villages were discovered••■. The walls of the tomb of the tomb are intact, bright■▲=, clear…▼=▪, and high archaeological value•▷■. According to Cai Jizhong, the secretary of the Party Branch of the Zhongmu County Cultural Relics and Protection Management, the tomb is a multi-chamber tomb◁▽•, found 4 walls and some cunds fragments in a chamber▷▲. In the four pictures○★☆=, a maid-side wine map, two is a chrysanthemum map, and the other is not clear because the incomplete is not clear. Researchers analyze the tomb structure, shape, and shap.

Xinhua News Agency on August 20 (Reporter Liuhua) The Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee, the Secretary of the Communist Party of China, the Secretary of the Central Secretary, held a talks in Beijing with the Board of Political Bureau of the Central Committee and the Central Secretary of the Central Committee●■. Wang Shanghai, said that the current Sino-Vietnamese relations have maintained a good development situation, General Secretary Xi Jinping and General Secretary of Yu Fu again realized historical exchanges, indicating the direction of China and Vietnam, and planning the blueprint. Since this year•▲, China and Vietnamese relations have shown many new situations, new changes, and new highlights. I hope that both parties focus on the important consensus of the general secretary of the two party secretary, and effectively play the political leading role of the two-party high-level exchanges to China and Vietnam, and promote the continued health and stable development of the comprehensive strategic partnership=▲. Wang Huning said that comrades in Xi Xi Ping is the cor☆….

[Yu Minhong☆•-: Focus on the education of left-behind children and migrant workers] Yu Minhong, member of the National Committee of China Check, etc••. Yu Minhong said that the proposal is to pay attention to the education development of left-behind children and urban migrant workers. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor☆▲▽: Liu Guang…•◇★?