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Contacts mercola grass-fed bovine collagen peptides,[peptone water]Original title: Shaanxi Shangluo Minzhong Bureau, a director is insulting and threatening reporter official notification: Visual China According to the Shaanxi Shangluo Civil Affairs Bureau▼•▷, the bureau is reported due to reporter interview The words and deeds have been insulted▼=●. According to Beijing time report, on March 28th, the Shaanxi Radio and Television reporter interviewed the Shangluo Civil Affairs Bureau, the bureau funeral management department, “Dog X-△◁■”, “rogue”, and wanted to pick up the stool Pulled by everyone◇▼. The video display of the network is displayed, and the insults will last 3 minutes and 21 seconds▪○☆. The chief is excited, and it is insulting and threatening the reporter◇…▲▷. “You have made this.●▽▼=” You dont want to live, “, the on-site staff will open the department multiple times-●-☆. The video ended the doctor said, “I will take you today collagen drink powder!

Original title: Xinhua News Agencys right to broadcast “Government Work Report” ↑ On 5, Li Keqiang made a “government work report” on behalf of the State Council at the 13th National Peoples Congress. Xinhua News Agency, Yao Dawei, Xinhua News Agency△▪■, Beijing…•◇, March 22 On March 20th, a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress has passed the resolution on the governments work report and approved this report. The report is divided into three parts: First, the past five years of work review=△◁★; Second, 2018, the overall requirements and policy orientation of economic and social development; three, the recommendations of the 2018 government work. The report pointed out that the main expected goal of 2018 is: domestic studen collagen anti aging cream industrial bacteria protein!

Original title: Let the established action program strategic decision-making work to redeem the development of Chongqings work (Reporter Yang Fan Zhang Wei) On March 27○☆, Chen Min, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, went to Dadukou District, facing the grassroots The cadres preached the important speech of Xi Jinping attended the important speech attending the Chongqing delegation. Chen Min emphasized that in-depth study of the importance of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, fully implement the central decision-making deployment, with the truth△■•, dare to grasp the strength•…◇▽, good grasp, let the established action program▷▷○, strategy Decision▼…, work deployment, strive to promote the work of Chongqings work◇●-…. Vice Mayor Luke Hua participated in the investigation. The ancient town of Masanxi is located in the riverside of the Yangtze River. Chen Min came here and listened to the introduction of urban planning and construction of Dadukou District▷◁•■. .

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 26 (Yang Shujun=★▲…, Luo Xin) The antique Laoshe Tea Hall Art Garden Hall floated to jasmine tea and the aroma of Oolong tea. On the 26th, the 3rd Straits Cross-Strait Association Association – “The Yuan” of the “Tea” is held in Beijing-▽, and the tea people in the Beijing Taiwan tea people share the wonderful tea. Observation tea, enjoy tea music, share .○◇.. Communication will be the theme of “tea•□•”-■●, from 12 communities on both sides▼•……, the tea companies in the Beijing Taiwan, including the two strait tea industry, tea culture, tea art , Tea technology and other topics carry out interactive exchanges, talk about high quality development of tea industry. Bai Wenxiang, president of the Beijing Tea Industry Association, said that the two strait tea culture is the same as the same source, do a b☆▽▽•.