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[associate scientist i late stage protein development industry tps]Original title: Australian Summit Cage ASEAN Tri Country creates a strategic alliance to deal with China? [Global Times, Australian Speaker Li Feng] Australia-ASEAN Summit ended in Sydney on the 18th▷☆…, which is the second summit since 2016, and the first meeting of Australias leaders in ASEAN. In addition to the Philippine President Dutter□▪□, the leaders of the other nine countries of ASEAN were all arrived•★▷-. The “Sydney Declaration” mentioned in the meeting refers to the South China Sea issue, and the relevant parties have called for “comprehensive implementation of the South Sea Code of Conduct=▲”, ▪◆”emphasizing the importance of non-militaryization, emphasizing the need to improve mutual trust and confidence, keep restraint when carrying out activities Avoid action that may make the situation in the situation. ” It is reported that Australia has set up a leader to collectively meet, industry and commerce conferences, and anti-terrorism conference.

Original title▼◇: Dalai in the Indian event is degraded by foreign media: -◁”Intention to improve the relationship with China, he has been isolated▽▼••! [Global Times, the special reporter Yun Tianming◆•☆, Huixin◆=●, the Dalai Group□▷•▪, opened a year “Thanks India” activities in India on March 31=■▪▼, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the “Tibet Outer Government□△◇”. This activity was originally prepared in New Delhi▽□, the capital of India, but under the background of China-Indian relationship and the pressure of the Indian government-…-, the activities were forced to find☆▽, and moved back to the “Tibet Outer Government◆☆” old Charenzala. American Cable News Network (CNN) March 31…◇△◆, quoted analysts, in the context of Chinas influence and day increasing countries, Tibet is just a small problem for New Delhi, “India is realizing that Tibet issues The influence of the West is weakening▷•◁. ▷△▲” 1.

Original title Zhou Qiang: Adhere to strict justice, strengthen human rights judicial security on March 9, 13th National Peoples Congress held a second plenary meeting in the Great Hall of the People▪□◇, listening to the Supreme Peoples Court Zhou Zhou Zhou Qiang on the Supreme Peoples Court The report of the work listened to the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate, Cao Jianming, on the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate. The following is a live record: Zhou Qiang: Second, adhere to strict justice, strengthen the human rights judicial guarantee resolutely correct and prevent the wrong mistakes•▲…. Adhere to the truth from fact, there is a fault to correct, strengthen the supervision of the trial△-…, to be responsible for the law, responsible for the people, the attitude towards the history, correct the wrong case△◇▲-, to correct the sentence◁☆, 1,677 cases, in which the Hagge Gille pattern is corrected , Nie Shubins case▽=▪-, et.

Original title▽•▼: The worlds eyes focus on Chinas two sessions (Wanghai Tower) National CPPCC 13th a meeting and the 13th National Peoples Congress will open on March 3 and March 5 respectively. At present, more than 3,000 Chinese and foreign journalists have signed up for two sessions of the country•…▷, including more than 2,000 reporters in the territory◇◁★, more than 1,000 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan reporters and foreign reporters. The two will once again become a great window of the world to observe China. “China is strong” is a core issue that countries pay attention to China★○○-. In 2018◆■△, the 10th anniversary of the international financial crisis broke out▼▼■, the world economy is warm and the risk is still existed, and the recovery is fragile and lacks sustainability. Chinas contribution rate for world economic growth is more than 30%. On the eve of the two sessions▪◆…, the State Council announced the implementation of the 2017 ▼…”Government Work Report” quantitative indicator ta. melting point of collagen hard gelatin capsules production line Contacts chemistry of jello gelatine vs gelatin!