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[packageable protein powder industry]Original title: Nanjie President Lu Jian responds the college list and discipline rankings▽▷: the external evaluation is only reference, the concept of running a school does not change the list of various universities•▼◇, the discipline ranking is endless, as a domestic first-class university, Nanta is a list of frequent guests•…. How to treat these ranking, list? On March 3•-★□, the National Peoples Congress representative and Nanjing University President Lu Jians direct words in an interview with modern Express reporters★▲, each ranking•▪△●, and evaluation only from a perspective to reflect the development of a certain stage of the university. It is only a phased◇…▼. Part, so it will only be resolved and corrected for the rankings, for ranking★△○, assessing the problem○□. However△▽◁▲, the concept of running a school in Nanta does not change the role of school●…, and the confidence in the connotation development path of the South University will not move. Representative of the National Peoples Congress, Nanjing University President Lu Jian.

Original title: (Social) The four cadres of the original Party group of the Shanxi Provincial Department of Culture□●■, were sentenced to the Xinhua News Agency Taiyuan on March 30 (Reporter Hu Jingguo★☆, Wang Yihu) 30th•=•=, the reporter learned from the Shanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Shanxi Provincial Department of Culture 4 cadres such as Li Li…▲, member of the party group were sorted. A few days ago, the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission was approved by the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission for the provincial cultural parties, the deputy secretary of the Shanxi Art Vocational College, and the dean of Li Li◆……■. After investigation, Li Li violated integrity and discipline, violating the regulations▽▼=…; violates national laws and regulations, violates regulations and uses ▽=”small gold departments”, violations=•△○, professional test management fees. According to the relevant provisions of the China Communist Party Disciplinary Diploma, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection has decided to give a serious warning disposal for Li Lis comrade◇▼◁?

Original title○•▼=: Reader Group Runma Chairman Wang Yongsheng: Zhang mouth closing is the three-way secretary called me to read by △ △ 马 马 读 集 集 王On the evening of June 7th-△△●, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission and the official website of the Gansu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the original party secretary, chairman, and readers, the original chairman○△◆◁, the reader, the original chairman•=, Wang Yongsheng, is suspected of serious illegal violations and discipline acceptance discipline Review and monitoring investigation. The reader group released a statement that Wang Yongsheng was investigated by the individual reasons and its suspected related issues did not happen during the companys work•◆■, but in the original work unit, all of which were unrelated to the reader group and listed company readers=▪★◆. Wang Yongsheng came forward in colleges and universities, and they were abandoned from politics, and they served as the head of the Weixian County□△●, the county party secretary, and the deputy mayor of Dingx.

Zhongxin Net Nanchang May 26th (Reporter Wu Pengquan) Reporter No○□◆◁. 26, “Implementation Opinions on the New Era▲▪•●” in the New Times…□★▼, the Implementation Opinions on the Development of Jiangxi Revolutionary Old Areas (referred to as ◆□”Implementation Opinions▲◆”) Press Conference, “Implementation Opinions” issued in the province have proposed 20 specific initiatives to promote the revolutionary development of the revolutionary old district▽▼•. Jiangxi, the revolutionary old district, made an important contribution to the Chinese revolution and huge sacrifices. At the same day, Zhang Heping, director of the Jiangxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission-○, and the director of the Zhenxing Development Work Office□△◇•, Jiangxi Province, said Zhang Heping…▷=○, Jiangxi Revolutionary Old District, especially the original Central Soviet area such as Sannan, although she won the poverty attack, and natural●▽●○, history Equal d! packageable protein powder industry hard gelatin capsules 5 Contacts.

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