gelatin sheet factory – enteric-coated hollow capsules

[grass-fed bovine collagen peptides] Guiyang May 26 (Zuo Yukun) -☆△”There is no powerful 5G and industrial Internet, there is no real big data. Without real big data, there is no new generation of artificial intelligence, there is no new generation of intelligence. Manufacture, digitization▪□, and networking intelligent manufacturing. “On May 26th, 2021 China International Big Data Industry Expo▷◆” Science China: 5G Drive Digital Teaching “High-end dialogue was held in Guiyang. “Kechuang China” consortium chairman…•, former president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Chinese Academy of Academy of Academy of Engineering, Zhou Ji, surrounded the “5G + industrial Internet communication manufacturing digital transformation intelligent upgrade▪☆◆▷”■●▽-. May 26th, 2021 China International Big Data Industry ▲▪.

Original title: Senior Machine☆△•▽: Pilot smoking is not news, “Misired air conditioner•▪•▷” let the peers smiles to get the big teeth☆……■: Changjiang Daily Changjiang Daily Rong Media July 13 (Reporter Chen Zhi) On July 13, the Civil Aviation Bureau was released in the news release I will respond on July 10 Air China CA106 flight emergency drop incident. After preliminary investigation, the incident is caused by the unspeakable air conditioner when the driver of the unit. The event triggered netizens questioning: No matter what “wrong operation button”★•, the passenger is required to ban smoking, and why can the pilot in the cockpit smoke? The Changjiang Daily reporter is connected to a long experience in 5 years of flight experience▼△, and unwilling to reveal the name▽■△. When the pilot smoked△…, there was a big cup of tea in the long name of the king, and the □•▷”unit passenger” was mistakened in the inciden.

Original title▽•□: Postpartum time▲□◆, reasonable arrangement•★▷-: Sleeping warfare in primary and secondary school students▲■, March 21•-▪•, Hubei Province, Wuhan, Wuhan★◆-, Hubei Province, attracted a large number of citizens in full view – the school student wearing different styles Pajamas, talked and laughed, into the group team into the campus◆…. It turned out that the day is the world sleep day■●☆•, in order to evoke the societys concern for the lack of sleep in primary and secondary school students, the school organizes activities let students wear pajamas to go to school●■. At present, the lack of sleep in a large number of compulsory education is indisputable•●. According to the survey data released by the Chinese Youth Research Center★▼=◆, from 2005 to 2015☆■•, nearly 60% of primary and secondary school students in the country were not surprising for 9 hours…▲. In December 2017★-, the Ministry of Education issued △…■”Compulsory Education School Management Standar.

Zhongxin Net Foshan May 28 (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) According to the Guangdong Foshan police 28th news, 26 years ago, a couple of son in the tent of Luchang Town●☆, Foshan City, 200 years ago, recently The son meets□▲=△. According to the police, on the evening of April 29, 1995, on a site in Luochang Town△◁, Sanshui District, Foshan City, and Ms. Yi, the couple of righteous work◇○, the tent of temporary construction in the construction site early Memorant. In order to prevent the little son of the year from falling asleep after falling asleep after falling asleep, the mother is in the most inside of the bed in the bed. A family of three meet. Foshan police for 2 oclock in the mornin.Gelatin wholesale.