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[organic beef gelatin]Original title: Zhang Tao Lin□▽, deputy director of the Ministry of Agriculture☆▲☆: GM technology is safe and controllable, some places have illegal operations: China Economic Weekly “Agricultural Canteen is also purchasing ingredients from the open market, we dont have special channels.” The Vice Chairman of the CPPCC, the vice chairman of the Central Committee of the Journal of the Ministry of Agriculture, and Zhang Tao Lin□=■, deputy director of the Ministry of Agriculture, unveiled on March 3, and answered questions about the safety of agricultural products. He said, ==”Adhere to the Quality Safety of Agricultural Products”, the Ministry of Agriculture will vigorously promote the ride and guide of agriculture▷•◇, the transfer of production and directive steering▼=◆, from three aspects to ensure the quality and safety of the origin environment and agricultural products: First▼▲▪▲, do a good source guarantee■■◁☆, realize The cleanup of the origin environment★▪◁; the second is to do production control, realize the greenization of the production process; the third is to do full supervision, realize quality and safe-•.

Original title: Yang Chicang▲★●▪, Party Secretary of the Ministry of Transport★▼□●: The speed of “super high-speed rail” is not the unreachable dream Beijing News (Reporter Guo Chao) Chinas high-speed rail “revival” started last year, not only improved railway transport Self-technical capabilities, also become “business cards” in China. Yang Chicang△◆▷, Party Secretary of the Ministry of Transport, revealed in the serving Chaoguang program◇★▼★, and will further strengthen the technological innovation of high-speed rail technology in the future•▼○, and the speed of □▼”super high-speed rail▪••○” is not a distant dream. Yang Chicang introduced that the revival has independent intellectual property rights and technology has reached the worlds advanced level•△-. Running up to 350 kilometers per hour, and the speed of actual operation in the world is the fastest◁□•. Chinas high-speed rail has not only provided a faster, mo.

Original title: Foreign media pay attention to Wang Yi visited Malaysia: Malaysian is always ready to report foreign media on August 1st, Malaysia is ready to cooperate with China to further strengthen the comprehensive strategy of Chinas 2013 in 2013. Partnerships. According to Malaysias ○■□☆”New Straits Times” report, Malaysia Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Malaysia realized that China is always a close friend and important partner in Malaysia▪■▽. With the State Councilors and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, from July 31, the good relationship between the two countries will continue. The Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on the 30th: “Wang Yi will be at the Prime Minister Master Muhammad on Wednesday (August 1). This visit will reflect t.

On May 27th□•, people from all walks of life said that the firm supported the Legislative Council voted through the “Perfecting Election System (Comprehensive Amendment) Bill” in 2021◁▼☆. Wu Qi, a Standing Committee of the National Committee of China, Hong Kong Fujian Association Honor▷◁-★, said that the local legislation of the electoral system is successfully passed•□, and it is also a major institutional results of the rule of the rule of the country and disorderly●○□○, marking the central major decision, in Hong Kong▪-=◆, Hong Kong will enter A new stage of “one country, two systems” practices in -▲◇”Patriot Governance”▪•□☆, and open a new chapter of good governance. The local legislation of the Election System has been successfully passed◁•◁, which depends on the full support of the central government, and it is also within the responsibility of the Chief Executive of Lin Zheng Yue, the SAR Governmen.

Original title: Zhang Ning hangs the Standing Committee of Xuancheng Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor (Figure Resume) On April 27…=••, the Ninth Meeting of the Standing Committee of the 4th Peoples Congress of Anhui Xuancheng City, decided to appoint: Zhang Ning is the peoples government of Xuancheng City vice-mayor. According to the information on the official website of Xuancheng City, Zhang Ning has been held by the member of the Standing Committee of Xuancheng Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government Party Group (time two years). According to the China Economic Network Leading Peoples Library★▪○, Zhang Ning▲-, born in January 1970▽•, which was previously served as deputy director of the State Peoples Committee and the deputy secretary of the party committee★★. Zhangning Xuancheng Peoples Government Website Damage Zhang Ning resume Zhang Ning■◆▲□, male, Hui nationality•▷▷•, born in January 1970…■◇, Qinghai Xining, in October 1993•☆◁, July 1994 participated in the work◆-☆, the Law of the Central University for Nationaliti?Contacts industrial application of single cell protein gelatin powder for baking,