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[gelatin wholesale price]Original title Daily Media▽▲☆: China to create intellectual property rights ■●”all the way▲○=▼” Japan should learn from the source: China Daily Network China Daily Network March 25th•…, the Nikkei News 中文 网 March 23, published in the article ○●”China to create intellectual property rights” all the way △■▲” Japan should study. The content of the article is as follows•▷▷: China is accumulating intellectual property rights such as patents, and is moving towards the “intellectual property power” in the industry strength-…□☆. The stage is the national market and ▲○△◇”all the way” ideas. In March 2017, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court found that the portable terminal of Sony Mobile Communications (China) has infringed the patents of China Communication Technology Corporation Xi Huadong, requiring Sony to stop selling related products and pays about 9 million yuan compensation▲-. Sony is determined to be infringement is called .

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 26, the Minister of the Communist Party of China, the Ministry of Foreign Liaison, attended the Chinas main political parties to the Chinese, the anti-epidemic video exchange meeting and the China Pub, the ruling party celebrated the seventy anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries and the 10th anniversary of the two parties△=. Activities, Chairman of Timier□☆▽▲, Ni Ni (United), Chairman of the Timberchuan, Ni Ni (United), Chairman of the Government Deputy Prime Minister Bo Kriel, Ni (Human Center), Pre-government Prime Minister Pula Claus, etc■△…. Mainly political parties and Pakistan The vice chairman of the Justice Party◆-●★, the diplomatic minister Culei, etc□●▲., enhanced the partys interaction, deepening the exchange of government experience○▼-, and strengthening the anti-vlorative cooperation. [Edit-…: 立-▽=▲.

Original title: Historical memory▪■: Great feat to let million serfs stand up – Write in the ninth Tibet Million Rufan Liberation Memorial Day, Zhang Yun, March 28◁…★-, 1959, is a great meaning of Tibet◁◆. Day, the central government announced the dissolution of the Tibet local governments, exercised their powers by the Preparatory Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region, leading the people of Tibet to carry out democratic reforms, thoroughly abolished the millennium, and the indentation of political teachings The system▷☆, making millions of serfs over liberation, when the home is the master, the local society in Tibet achieves the historic change of the earth, ushered in a new era of continuous development of prosperous civilization○▪■▪. The Darre Group servants main forces have made many beautification work for the old Tibetan political temporary seri syste.

Original title: National Peoples Congress representative Shen Tiemei suggest: Standardize the nanny industry to let “issue babysitter△▽” into the blacklist National Peoples Congress, Chongqing Sichuan Theater, Shen Tei Specialist Li Wenke,, March 19▼▽, 11:25 (Chief reporter Yan Zhen Xu Wei) In recent years, the nanny and the housekeeping industry have occurred frequently, but with the development of my countrys social economy▲◇□▼, the demand for the housekeeping industry is growing, how to achieve industry standardization? Representative of the National Peoples Congress◁-=…, Shen Tiemei, the Dean of Chongqing Sichuan Theater…□, suggested that the nanny duties were clearly defined, deepened the nanny management, and establish a credit system, let □■■▲”issue babysitter” into the blacklist, eliminate ▲▪▷”problem babysitter” again in the housekeeping market. Question: Housekeeping staff is not good for securi.Contacts.