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[protein engineering for industrial biotechnology]Original title□▽: my country original gravitational wave detection in five years, the results Technology Daily Beijing March 4 (Reporter Zhang Garlun) The highest level of original gravity wave observatory in my country is building in China▽-▲. Once built, it will become a strong comrades of the human pursuit gravity wave. On the 4th, Zhang Xinmin, a member of the National Committee of China and the National Institute of China, and Zhang Xinmin◆○•◁, a researcher, told the Science and Technology Daily, and the project progressed smoothly■▼…•, and the first phase of observing the main project has been basically completed. “I have given promise before…▼▲, three years○□▲, five years, result.” Zhang Xinmin is the original gravitational wave detection plan is the chief scientist of ◆-△□”Ali Plan▲□•”○▲●▷. What he said▼◇, it refers to the best Tianchao, which is the best skyline of the Northern Universe Microwave Background, Radiation Polar☆▽□, Northern District, 202◆★▼.

Original title▪▽▼▲: This official reply…◆▲, do you believe? Recently, netizens have shown that “Green Shengnan Lake Experimental School outside the Zigong Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau officially showed improper reply after the construction site of Green Sanhu Experimental School, I hope you can take the management”, in this, Zigong City Environmental Protection Bureau responded : Verified by the investigation, not the management personnel reply, is the smart message of the micro official website below the WeChat window. ▲ Net transmission “God Replies…▼•” screenshot picture Source▽☆▲□: Zigong○•.com The following is the following▷=◇: Recently…◆•▲, some netizens have a message on the official public number of the Zigong City Environmental Protection Bureau. -▷”Green Shengnan Lake Experimental School is dusty, I hope you can take the pipe “After the improper reply is displayed●■=, I am sincere apologize for this★○. After investigation, the response after the netizen message is not the public number of our burea.▽☆◇◁, on May 27, according to Shenzhen released WeChat public information△☆…, 26th▽▷-, Shenzhen Longgang District added 2 cases of new crown viruses have no symptoms•●▪, and found that the relevant key populations related to non-symptom infections outside the country are found○◇…. Announcement screenshot Yang, male, 54 years old, lived in Tangbei 2nd Lane, Anliang Community, Ganshan Street, Longgang District, Haina show factory employees. On May 25th•□, the initial sieve new crown virus nucleic acid is positive, and the positive is reviewed by the citys disease control center. Currently▲■★, it has been transferred to the emergency treatment of emergency housing in Shenzhen Third Peoples Hospital. He, male▪•, 15 years old, lived in Lianghua Street▪●=▽, Anliang, Anliang Community, Liangshan Street, Longgang District★□, showing factory stay at Hainer. On May 25th, new crown vir.