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[protein industries canada botaneco]Original title: “Three Brands” decided to re-review the parties=◆: the original judgment is not guilty of the life impact, the source of life is not guilty. Source: Legal Evening News, April 2016◁■□, Sanmenxia City, Henan Province Three rocks were digged on the mountain◆◆, and they were intercepted by forest public security during return. Subsequently, the Luke County Peoples Procuratorate filed a public prosecution with the illegal harvesting state, and the Qin Emblem was sentenced to three years in prison△◁△□, suspended for three years△-▼, and fined 3,000 yuan. After the media reported●•, he was concerned that in May this year▲-■◁, Qin Emblem saw that the media reported that he was not guilty▽△△◆, and the appeal was filed. On May 23, the Lushi County Peoples Court issued a retrial decision, and considered that the first-instance judgment was incorrect◆☆, applicable to the legal mistake, and the Lughu County Peoples Cou.

Original title: Let the rule of law sunlight warm each corner March 5, the Great Hall of the People△○, the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress on the Committee on the Committee on the Committee on the Constitutional Amendment (Draft) “in front of the representative committee In the past few days○◆…■, hundreds of millions of people learned about the draft constitutional amendment in real time through various channels=■○▽. “French, the end of the government,▲…” Since the 18th National Congress of the Party Since the Party Central Committee of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core●◆◁=, standing on the “two hundred years…▼◁▲” struggle, realizing the strategic height of the Chinese nations great rejuvenation Chinese dream, around Comprehensive implementation of the country, a series of major strategic deployments▷△, high-grade spirit▽◁, development rule of law, use the rule of law thinking, innovation, in the improvement and development of socialism, socialist system, promote national governance system and governance abili?

[Shu Yubi “: There are still 1 billion people in the world who have no power. Chairman Shu Yin, who said◆●-: As of now, the national grid company invests in 7 countries and regions of energy backbone network, total assets of more than $ 65 billion, all projects Good operation. At the same time, the overseas project general contracting package has accumulated 40 billion US dollars, driving Chinas equipment export to more than 80 countries and regions. There are still 1 billion people in the world that have not been powered on…▽△. Chinas electricity industry has significant advantages and strong international competitiveness in technology, equipment and management=▽▷, which can make our positive contributions to global energy transformation and solving electricity poverty. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Chu Xiaoh★=.