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[gelatin clarification]Zhongxin Net Fuzhou May 27 (Reporter Lin Chun) Reporter 27 Since Fujian Provincial Civil Engineering Society The year-once a year…☆, the college entrance system, founded in 2014◇□, has so far been the 8th. The event is designed to showcase the unique architectural design creative of cross-strait college students, to create a dream stage for college students in the cross-strait architecture■☆▼=, and promote two sides of youth exchanges and cooperation▷◇•-. It is understood that the theme of this years construction contest is “Tunion•□▲◆”. The team needs to build a pavilion that can be enjoyed▽▷■☆, the shape is encouraged to innovate, and the materials used must be reusable and reuse?

Original title…◁: Qi Zhiyu representative: Enterprise from the post wage system to the Skills wage system, the national Peoples Congress representative, China FAW Hongqi Factory Technology Departments external network maintenance workers Qi Yuyu said that the company should adopt a more flexible salary system…●●, incentive system, to inspire more Many people take the initiative to choose the will of employment posts in industrial workers. Qi Zhiyu recommended that enterprises transition to the skills wage system, will change the performance floating around the post wages to float around the skills salary☆□▪▼, which is conducive to the role of enterprises to better play incentive mechanisms and cultivate more industrial workers. Qi Zhiyu said that the skills wage system is a new salary system that is generally adopted in the reform in my country in recent years. It is a basis for evaluation based on basic labor elements such as labor skills-▷▽, labor responsibilities, labor intensity▪…▲, labor conditions, and posts or staf!

Original title: After signing■▽, inspectors are all overlord clauses★-! Encounted 12315 complaint gelatin 200 bloom does jello stop periods elasten collagen best fish collagen peptide! This year★•◆, the national governments work report pointed out that “the behavior of all kinds of violations of consumer rights should be punished according to law, and never doctors.★◁” Today is the 3.15 “International Consumer Rights Day”, “first check the inspection□★-” “Prohibition of self-brought drinks●◆△” “Special offer, the promotion goods are not returned□-◆□” ▪▽.◆■■.●■. These are actually the overlord clause◁◆□, encounter decisive complaints! For your own rights■□▼=, you must see▽▼▽▲! Responsible Editor: Chu Xiaoh.Contacts,