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Pure collagen.[protein hydrolysates industry]Original title◁=■•: Xu Jiaxin, director of the Supreme Method: □◆•□”Batch”, “Grades▷▽-◇” and other illegal interventions have significantly reduced the new Beijing News News (Reporter Wang Mengyao) Recently, the Supreme Peoples Court Party Group, the director of the Political Department Xujiaxin Xu Jiaxin conducts the highest law work report When interpretation☆■, it is mentioned that the current legal work mechanism has been basically formed. Among them, the situation of “batch” “batch” and other illegal interventions have been significantly reduced◆△●□, and the judge has fulfilled “firewall” according to law. On March 9, Zhou Qiang, the President of the Supreme Peoples Court, mentioned to the 13th National Peoples Congress◆▪-▷, in the face of the heavy work task◇-, the majority of police officers, selfless dedication○●, 85 judges accumulatory or suffering from violence Injury is due to the government. In recent interpretation, members, political divisions of the Supreme Peoples Cou.

Original title□▼…●: Wang Yong: The 13th National Peoples Congress of the National Immigration Administration held the fourth plenary meeting on the 13th of the Peoples Great Hall on the 13th, listening to the statement of the National Peoples Congress on the draft monitoring law☆◁◇◁, listening to the State Councils reform The document of the program•○, the draft decision on the establishment of the 13th National Peoples Congress specialized committee, the voting meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress Director, Vice Director, Committee, Vote, Voting the 13th National Peoples Congress And the Committee on the Legal Committee▼★-, Director of the Financial and Economic Committee, member of the Deputy Director▪▪□•, and the Committee selected two draft draft. The following is a live record: Wang Yong▼◁▪: (7) Setting the National Immigration Administration▪▲▼△. With the further improvement of my countrys comprehensive national strength, foreigners who come to China will n.

Original title: Shandong will fully investigate high-speed limit speed value setting, improve the speed of the unreasonable speed limit, the number of netizens and media, driving in the Shandong highway section, some high-speed road sections reduce the speed limit to 110 km / h▪△▼◆, some road sections It suddenly reduced to 80 kilometers / h…●▲•, and the high speed limit fluctuated too much. To this end▽▷=▽, the Shandong Public Security Traffic Police Department has been investigated in the first time, recently, will deploy the province to carry out comprehensive investigation and rectification actions. Improve the unhearel speed limit speed limit Speed ​​Vice Secondary Secretary▲=•★, the Commander of the Transportation Administration of the Provincial Public Security Bureau, the highway traffic police team leader Tian Yumuo introduced that the speed of the highway limit is set in accordance with the geographical environment along the highway. There are different mountains and plains●◇◇, tunnels☆▷■◇, bridges, curves○▽, ramps and flat roads have different. Jiqing South Line Expressw◁▪▲.

Original title: [Solutions] On this bone, the United States actually approved the “berite desk□☆” topic to Taiwans sale of submarine technology in a period of time, and was heated▷□. On the 7th, the Taiwan authorities confirmed that the US government has approved the marketing license for Taiwan to sell submarine manufacturing technology to the US manufacturers▽●★. A group of “Taiwan independence▪◁▲” people who want to hold a US thigh is excited, saying that Taiwan finally does not have to fear the mainland threat. Is the fact now? Islandier wants to say, no matter which angle, this is too true○=▷. Today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has fully explained issues. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs•☆▪: We noticed the report. A Chinese principle is the political foundation of Sino-US relations. China resolutely opposes the official Territory official exchange and a US warrior, this position is consistent, clear, t?

Original title•□: Secretary of Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee Zhang Qingwei ◆☆□”Shouting” The provincial tourist society: Do you dare to commit not fraud…-? Today (March 8), in the opening day of Heilongjiang Group, Zhang Qingwei, secretary of Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee. Beijing News reporter Xue Yu Xia Xue News (Reporter Wang Wei) •▼▪▷”I added two sentences=▲▽”, today (March 8), on the opening day of Heilongjiang group, Harbin City▲=●, the Mayor Sun Hao responded to the media After practicing the question of “Ice Time and Snow is also Jinshan Yinshan”, Zhang Qingwei, secretary of Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee▷△◆…, said, “Tourism must change the concept, transform awareness, travel is for tourist services, is serving consumers, this concept does not change Tourism is always not good. “Zhang Qingwei said that the development of tourism industry is not their own tourism resources=-▪▼, but must hav.