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[wild-caught hydrolyzed fish collagen peptides]Original title□○: Reversal Zhou Xiaochuan: 23 years of bundry with the Bank of China -△◆”You guess■☆★◁.” At a press conference of the two sessions this year, in the face of high shouting “Who is your successor?”••☆-, Zhou Xiaochuan smile This answer was announced on March 19. Today, the 13th National Peoples Congress held the seventh plenary meeting, and decided to appoint an easy section to serve as the President of the Peoples Bank of China. Zhou Xiaochuan officially waved in a place with its peers 23 years. From scientific and technological personnel, the financial scholars of the Second Division of “Sun Yes Award■▲”☆▲△, Zhou Xiaochuans body is posted on many labels○◇△□. However, in the face of many others, “the longest leader in ten minutes” is undoubtedly one of the most awakened▷-. Whether it is interest rate marketization, or commercial bank reform▷▽○•, ◁▪•”811 remittanc!

China International Broadcasting Station and International Online Reporter★▪: We noticed this years ★…”Government Work Report” proposed to implement and improve innovative incentive policies, and performance evaluation should speed up the change from the weight◆◇. I would like to ask the Ministry of Science and Technology. What is the shortcomings in my countrys innovative incentive evaluation system, which measures will be taken to promote the reform of the incentive evaluation system◇▲=◆. Thank you★•▼▽. Wan Steel: When the group of science and technology innovation from the process of small public development○★, when science and technology integrates into economic and social development◇△★◇, the governments management of scientific research will inevitably develop from the past research management to the new era of innovation services△◁=. Therefore, from the perspective of incentive policies, the main focus is to transform this aspect. In the past five years, we have completed the revision of the scientific and technological achievement transformation▷□, the State Council issu▪★▷.

Original title: (two sessions, snorship) Domestic large aircraft chief designer Wu Guanghui: C919 has been obtained by 815 orders “929” follow-up models are on the road to Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 6th (Reporter Guo Jingdan••▼=, Chen Cong) 6th◇-, Ten The three-year National Peoples Congress held a member of the group meeting and the media open, and the domestic big aircraft C919 chief designer Wu Guanghui said when answering Xinhua News Agency reported that C919 has obtained 815 orders from 28 users in China-○■. More domestic big aircrafts with ▪▼□”929″ will appear in the future. Wu Guanghui said that China Shangfei is fully committed to accelerating the development of C919. It is planned to develop 15 ARJ21 this year. The wide body plane has also been included in the large aircraft project. “C919 has not fly for some time, b★-◆.

Original title: my country released foreign investment payment institutions to restriction Xinhua News Agency, Beijing☆□▲, March 21 (Reporter Xu) reporter learned from the Peoples Bank of China from China◇■=, in order to promote the formation of payment service market, the central bank has released an announcement , Clear foreign investment payment institution access and regulatory policies. Welcome and encourage foreign institutions to participate in the development and competition of Chinas payment service market. According to the announcement, foreign agencies intend to provide electronic payment services for domestic transactions and cross-border transactions in my country, and should set up foreign investment companies in China●-◁○, and obtain payment services and procedures according to the conditions and procedures of the •●”Regulations●•△•” of Non-Financial Institutions. license. Announcement clearly defines the payment business infrastructure. Foreign investment payment institutions should have safety△◁, standardization, and energy in our countr. china gelatin supplier bovine collagen peptide malaysiaGelatin capsule.

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