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[is native path collagen hydrolyzed]Original title: National Peoples Congress Legal Committee intends to renamed the National Peoples Congress Constitution and Legal Committee China News March 5 (Reporter Zhang Yanling) Today▷-▷-, at the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress, the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Consideration of the Constitutional Amendments to the Peoples Republic of China (Draft), Wang Chen, deputy chairman and secretary-general of the 12th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, said that on February 28th○•, the Third Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee According to the “Deepening Party and National Institutional Reform Plan◇•★”, the “National Peoples Congress Legal Committee” is renamed “National Peoples Congress Constitution and Law Committee▽□”=▼▷=. Wang Chen said that the above adjustment involves the regulations of the National Legal Committee in Article 70 of the Constitution▪•. According to the Party Central Committee, this issue is reviewed in this meeting (draf.

Original title: “One knife cut” is a rough violence such as environmental inspector =◇”high-grade black” centralized downtime will be seriously hosted by Li Wei every reporter Li Wei◁◇, either a long time, either close to the company, and even close the tofu square Remove the breeding network … Some places are “a knife cut” phenomenon for environmental pollution usage, and under pressure▼☆▽, it is like ▽☆”high-grade black•●” against central environmental inspections. This kind of behavior in the future will face serious accountability. On May 28th, the Ministry of Ecological Environment issued news, the central environmental protection inspectors will be enrolled in Hebei▽•, Inner Mongolia▪…○, Heilongjiang□□, Jiangsu=▲◇, Jiangxi, Henan•●□△, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Ningxia and other 10 provinces (districts)△▪■☆, for the first Wheel Central Environmental Protection Inspector and reforming the “look back”●◁□, and attack the pollution contr○◇▲▷.

Original title: US clarification has not changed the policies of Chinese citizens, China△▽: Welcome [Global Network News] June 1, 2018 Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying hosted a routine press, Global Times – Global Network reporter According to reports▪…•▷, the US State Council said that the US visa policy for Chinese citizens has not changed, and Chinese students will still have a maximum of 5 years of visas▼…, and the US review procedures for sensitive professional applicants have not changed★•, and not For Chinese citizens. The US State Council emphasizes that the United States welcomes the more and more Chinese citizens to visit the United States. What is Chinas comment? Hua Chunying responded that we noticed the relevant reports and welcomed the US clarification★◆…. As we have pointed out in the previous, personnel exchanges are the basis for promoting exchanges and cooperation between China and the United States. .

Original title◁▷: US media●☆★: China uses laser weapons in the Pacific Ocean to use laser weapon in May, “laser weapon attack incident”, on the 20th, and American media reports, China “Laser attack-☆” for the US military Diffuse from Africa to the Pacific Ocean. The US -△”Volkswagen Machinery◇▼▪▷” magazine reported that, like “laser attack” in Djibouti this year, the US military personnel in the East China Sea region have also attacked by blind laser weapons. The magazine said that this type of non-killing laser weapon is made from China. “Volkswagen Machinery” said that more than 20 similar attacks have occurred in the East China East China Sea. The report also quoted “Aviation Week” and “Space Technology”○•■☆, as the attack increases◁••, the type of laser weapon also h-•.Pectin manufacturer!

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