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[blooming of gelatin]Original title■□: Tipping high-rise responded for the first time, “flight attendant•◁=” case■▷□: Platform vulnerability Central Guangwang Beijing May 22 news According to China Voice ▼◇…”News◇•▲” report, these days, Zhengzhou flight attendant dripping Social broad discussion, what loopholes in the management of drip platform○▼? Is it safe to ride a drop in a hurricane? Drip travel company recently responded for the first time, Chief Development officer Li Jianhua said, the case of criminal suspects Liu violated the regulations and implemented crimes, indicating that the platform has only a vulnerability. Although the dripping and wind turmoil has been in the past few days, the vulnerabilities exposed in the case are still distressing. How is the safety protection of the drip platform, how should the safety net of the windmill and webmark●▲▷? According to the Central Radio and Television Termin.

Original title…•: Chinese couple encountered a serious car accident in the United States◁…●, the embassy□-★☆, ​​the police and the US Airlines are such a reply, a pair of Chinese elderly couples in the United States, in the United States, encounter bad weather to improve the bus to the destination, then A serious car accident is encountered near Baltimore▲•△, Maryland, causing both the hospital-◁. The Chinese Embassy in US Embassy should report to Xinhua News Agency. After receiving the incident=●-▲, the Embassy expressed his condolences to the injured in the first time at two oclock on the 3rd, and the hospital did not follow the injured. Treatment◆▷-, the current two are no life-threatening. The staff of the Embassy said that they will continue to stay with the parties and provide the parties to provide the necessary consuls. A US airline (USA) female passenger who is unwilling to disclose in social med◇□◇▪.

China New Network May 28th According to the website news of the National Development and Reform Commission The average price of a working day is less than 50 yuan per ton of price reduction in the average price of 10 working days before May 14. According to Article 7 of the Petroleum Price Administration•◆◇▽, this steam•-▼, diesel price is not adjusted, and the unregulated amount is accumulated or impressed when the next price increase is included. Data Map: The staff of a gas station gives the vehicle. China News Agency reporter Hou Yu took the National Development and Reform Commission pointed out that PetroChina, Sinopec…▪▽, China -■◇•..?