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[most important protein supplement animal industry]Original title: Chen Shui-bian, Lu Xiulian, Cai English, those “appropriate identity” visits the motherland mainland? Zhu Lilun, Newbei Mayor, Taiwan, visited Jiangsu Shanghai, triggered two sides of interest. In fact, since the resumption of exchanges in 1987★▼◁▼, the number of people -☆”landing” in Taiwan has many people, and it can be divided into three types□◆★: public office identity▲=☆, partys identity and other appropriate identity●▽◆. It should be noted that these three identities can be converted……. For example▽★, Zhu Lilun has visited the Chairman of the Chinese Nationalist Party. Now it is replaced by the mayor of Xinbei City, after departing by the mayor●○▽◆, may visit a person in charge of a fund. Lunar ■☆-◇”landing”: The leader of the county may be easy to ▪•”land” to “land” as a public office, and it can be divided into two. A kind of authorities in-service officia.

Original title: Do not give the property market to stir-fry the space (Rui Finance) Recently, the Housing and Construction Department will jointly issue with the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Public Security▲▪, the Silver Bank of China◁▲◇□, and “on the development of some cities to carry out the violation of the violation of the violations and violations of the law and regulations▪•★◆. Notice of Special Action, “decided to carry out special actions for governance real estate markets in 30 cities in Beijing=▷★▷, Shanghai, Tianjin, and Shenzhen, as early as December 2018★◁. In this regard, analysts believe that this action not only targets the heating of the real estate market in some areas and long-term disadvantages▲▷◁•, but also “the house is used to live,” is not used to speculate “this place does not change. Therefore, any fantasy China took the initiative to relax the property market regulation==, so that the idea that the speculation organically can take it is unwise. Seven Series Committee jointly governing the property mark.

China New Network Shanghai May 27 (Reporter Yili) covers an area of ​​about 92 acres◁▪, with a total construction area of ​​about 40=◇▷☆,000 square meters, the total investment of the project is about 650 million yuan .☆☆….. Baoguang Qidong Intelligent Logistics Warehousing Project is officially started, and the project will be in the Chinese layout of more than 30 logistics hubs▷▼○. This is not the first project of the president of Shanghai Taiwan Fedprin Investment Enterprise Association…▷☆■, and the chairman of the competition of the Group in the Yangtze River, of course, it will not be the last one□-★☆. In the words of Zhang Jindhen, ◆◁○…”The Supreme Development Strategy has brought a lot of development opportunities to Taiwan□■…○.” In many Taiwanese plans in the mainland, Zhang Jindhen believes th◆•.

Original title: 2018 National two sessions, Xinhualian Group=▼, Chairman Fu Jun: It is recommended to share a bicycle into public transportation components. Part of the Beijing News News (Reporter Chen Yuming) Sharing bicycle is an emerging travel approach to rise in my country in the past two years. It is also a shared economy•▲•. Typical representative. With the rapid development of the shared bicycle industry, this emerging thing is increasing in urban traffic••. The reporter was learned today, the 13th National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the Chairman of the New Handan Group Board of Directors and President Fu Jun recommended in its proposal to position the shared bicycle as a public transportation component. Fu Jun said that the shared bicycle meets the huge demand for residents convenience△▷, and the huge demand for commuting and commuting will make a huge contribution in promoting the efficiency improvement of bus subway. But the emergence of sharing bicycles also gives transportation and urban manageme! rio verde industria de gorduras e proteinas ltda separated size 3 gelatin capsules Gelatin wholesale.

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