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[25 kg edible gelatin]Original title: The Peoples Patriot Type of the Peoples Patriot Type 3 Type to the East [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] According to Taiwan “Dongssen News◇••★” reported on July 22…△◁▲, in order to respond to the liberation army army, the Taiwan military 2017 is Ordered the patriot air defense missile deployed from the western way to Hualien, Taitung and other places; on the 14th, the Air Force Taitong Zhihang Base was held at the opening of the camps, and also specially showed the patriot missile launcher. Patriotic air defense missile positions in the aerial base■△•◇. According to reports, the Taiwan military related personnel revealed that the patriotic missiles in Taitungzhang Base are currently connected to the Patriots 3 type and the original patriot 2 performance to the Patriot 3 type 2 missile hybrid deployment, its defense The direction is in the vast sea of ​​the East Coast◇…•▷, deployed in a fan-like manner. According to reports, the Peoples Liberation Ar△□?

Original title: Lu Hongbing…△•□: It is recommended to establish a national securities futures dispute mediation agency: Wu Hao China Securities Network News (Reporter Wu Wei) National Political Consultative Conference, Vice President of the China National Lawyers Association, the Chief Executive Partner of China Hao Law Firm It is recommended to establish a national securities futures dispute mediation agency•●▽□. He proposed that combined with existing resource considerations, it can form a national dispute mediation body for the media card. Lu Hongbing believes that the solution to securities futures disputes is an important part of protecting the legitimate rights and interests of investors△=•. It is a basic project that has sustainable development and deepening reform in capital markets. Therefore, constructing national dispute resolution mechanisms and institutions in accordance with national conditions will help promote the diversified dispute resolution mechanism of my countrys capital marke.

Original title: These two words●▼, there is a real force from the doll to the elderly from the job to the country from the country to the city from the individual to the national reform, there is a real force in the four-year reform and opening up to make Chinas face is a new five years The comprehensive deepening reform allows people to live more beautiful to deepen the reform classification of party and national institutions to promote talented evaluation mechanism reform to implement rural revitalization strategy to strengthen intellectual property trial sector reform ▷◆… The reform has brought the reform of market vitality, bringing innovative power reform to improve peoples livelihood There is a reform of the reform, and the people who have become the people have obtained from programs to reality. It is not abstract drawing but the specific and fresh changes in the people of Minshen•●…….

Original title: Civil Affairs Department: Unauthorized social organizations, in the name of the Ministry of Civil Affairs◆◇◇☆, Chinas new network May 16th, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Office of the Civil Affairs Recently released the name of the Ministry of Civil Affairs Strictly declared□•. ●•”Statement” pointed out that so far, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has not authorized any social organization to carry out various types of cooperative projects, investment financing, charity charity. Data Map◁▼▪: Civil Affairs Fu Shan photographed the source: Visual China =○=”Statement▽□☆★” said that recently★□••, the Ministry of Civil Affairs will receive the people to believe in the people◆☆▷■, reflecting social organizations to carry out some cooperation projects•◁◆, investment financing, charity charity Activities, causing adverse social impacts. In this regard, the Ministry of Civil Affairs is strictly declared▲▽…: so far, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has not authorized any social organizati.