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[chemical name of gelatin]Original title: (Foreign Affairs) Cai Qi Meetpin Xinhua News Agency Beijing April 16 (Reporter Zheng Mingda) Member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China, the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, Cai Qi met with the general secretary Sha Ningwa Namibian group party delegation. Cai Qi said that◆★○, shortly•☆▲, President Xi Jinping and the President of Rago will increase the relationship between China University to a comprehensive strategic partnership◇▷▷, planning the grand blueprint of cooperation between the two parties. The Communist Party of China is willing to cooperate with the Party of the Nats, and give full play to the political leadership of the ruling party▪●▪□, deepen the exchange of party construction and governing the country, and better transform the two party friendships into the powerful power of the state relationship sustainable and healthy development▲▷▽○. Sha Ningwa said that the Natssen Party looks forward to consolidating the brothers-like friendship between the two parties, and hopes to understand and learn the concept of the Communist Party of China□◆-■. (End) Responsible Edit☆☆.

The 100 major projects in this city will further release urban development vitality Global Studios is working on high-level opening of the structure of structural reform leading and creating new demands, and promotes the Beijing Non-Capital function as “cattle nose”. The development of integrity is the “five son” linkage landing, forming an important support for superimposing effects. Recently, 100 major major projects in this city started in this city. Among them▲○▷, “the structure of structural reform leads and creating new demands” and ◁◁”Beijing-Tianjin Jiexian Development=■▷” have been arranged in 53, with a total investment of 42•▼●.5 billion yuan. These expanded domestic demand, promote collaborative major investment projects, will further release urban development vitality and accelerate mode!

Original title: Carrying Chinese tourist bus in Thailand, in the car accident culture and tourism department, supervising as soon as possible to find out the reason New Beijing News (Reporter Wang Zhenzhen) Local time on March 23=★, a 16 Chinese tourists (including 1 Chinese leader The tourist bus encounters a car accident in Phuket△○◆, Thailand, 4 of whom injured•◆•. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism attach great importance to the incident□•, requiring relevant aspects to do good work. After receiving the accident, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism attached great importance to the Minister of Tree, Li Jin, the deputy director, solemnly asked the Chinese Tourism Office in Thailand to understand the situation●▼, and fully assist me in Thailand to make a hurt tourist treatment and follow-up disposition●□. Work. The reporter learned from the Cultural and Tourism, as of now, the injured tourists have received proper treatment of Thailand local hospitals. Thailand police are coordinating insurance companie.

Original title☆-: Objective to see the arduous complexity of the work of the work – the secondory is completely clear, Sun Zhengcai is bad influence and Bo Xilai★▲, Wang Lijuns viral Sun Zhengcai and Bo Xilai, Wang Lijun is a pollution source of political ecology. In the past 10 years◁•■▪, the Chongqing political ecology And the people of cadres are extremely harmful. Political ecology should be restored, need to accumulate, need a process, not good work, it is impossible to be◇▼◁. It is necessary to keep a clear mind, and objectively look at the end of Sun Zhengcai bad impact and Bo Xilai•-, Wang Lijuns arduous complexity◇★. Sun Zhengcai and Bo Xilai, Wang Lijuns most prominent problem is political corruption. The most fundamental is the problem of ideological politics=□. The most serious consequence is polluting Chongqing political ecology. Chongqing has missed many opportunities for this-=▽, and has accumulated a lot of problems◁▼○. The loss and hazards cannot be estimated. th?

Original title: Haikou Customs seized 574 wild dry system▼◆▲, department-secondary protected animal reporters learned from Haikou Customs, on March 26th, the Guanyi law handed over 547 wild dry system for seizures seized by the Provincial Forestry Hall◆○. It is understood that the big wall tiger is commonly known as 蚧•=▷◁, also known as fairy=▼▼, is a type of small and medium-sized lizard…■=. The genus is used in pharmaceutically acceptable, long-term capture, and wild resources are gradually reduced□◁. The wild walls belong to the national second-level protected animals, and is assessed by the World Nature Protection Alliance as a critical species, prohibiting passengers, carrying or consigning entry. In recent years, Haikou Customs has implemented the development strategy of “ecological establishment” in Hainan-▽■, continuously strengthening port supervision law enforcement, severely cracking on genus, 砗磲, 红 coral and other endangered plants and its products smuggling behavior, strengthening and forestry, farme. hydrolyzed collagen protein industry statistics blooming of gelatin chicken collagen type ii benefits what is bovine collagen peptides made from,