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[is gelatin a colloid][Air China flight a man passenger psychosis, the flight attendant, the special shot of Henan Province, the deputy governor, the scene of the scene, the 15th△●, the Air China CA1350 of Changsha to Beijing is prepared from Zhengzhou. A man used a steel pen to hold a flight attendant☆■. In Xinzheng Airport, the Vice Governor of Henan Province-○=●, the public security department of the Public Security is comfortable▷▽★▪, saying that the womans marriage is innocent□▷•, and the man is controlled. According to @ 平安 中国▷▼•, the man Xu Xu is a Hunan, and the incident is suddenly mentally ill. Related reading: Exhibition of incident: Suspective mental illness Handheld steel pen holding passengers Changsha to Beijing flight due to illegal interference preparation to Zhengzhou passenger safety dropping machine due to public safety reasons●△, Air China Fountain pen stension attendant live picture exposu.

Xinhua News Agency, March 13 The fundamental guarantee, the people are the essential characteristics of socialist democratic politics. It is the basic way of leading the country in accordance with the party leading the peoples governance countries-●■■. The three are unified in my countrys socialist democratic politics. The 3rd National Peoples Congress, a high-income vote passed the constitutional amendment. This result fully reflects the partys leadership, the people who are in the country and the organic unity of the country, reflect the organic unity of the partys claim and the peoples will▽△★•, and promote the constitution and the times△◇□•, improve the development▽○, play in the new era ○△” The fundamental role of the national charter of the countr?

Original title•▪◁★: Important signal! The Director of the National Development and Reform Commission revealed a ★★”mysterious” number, shouted□◆: amazed, my country collagen peptide fish▪•-◁ collagen halal gelatin sweets! Today, the 13th National Peoples Congress, the news center today (6th) held a press conference, inviting the National Development and Reform Commission, Zhang Yifeng, Zhang Yong•▷▪, deputy director, deputy director, “innovation and improved macroeconomic regulation◆•○, promote high quality development ■▼△”The relevant issue answered questions from Chinese and foreign journalists. Talking about He Lifeng☆★■: One year has reached $ 900 in the annual per capita protein industries canada ceo Contacts.! For how to view the current Chinas economic situation=-…, the main development and reform committee Lords Lifeng said that in 2017▲▪◇◆, the situation facing Chinas economy is very complicated, and “Black Swan▷◆…” incident is constantly, “ashydrity” incident also▷-●. Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping new e.

Original title: (International) Gutres: China is the Korean Peninsula problem solution “Extremely important contributor” Xinhua News Agency United Nations March 29 (Reporter Wang Jianang Shang Xu) United Nations Secretary General Gutrez 29th Height Commending Chinas role in solving the issue of the Korean Peninsula, China is China is the “extremely important contributor” in the Korean Peninsula problem solution. When Gutres replied reporters◁…, ○-□”Recently, North Korean leaders visited China, I think China is an extremely important contributor to this regional problem solution.” He also said •▪•”My news that I have the latest progress in the situation and the head of the leaders will be gratifying■-●=”, “I firmly believe that there is a chance to solve a few months ago, we also think that it is a biggest threat.