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[pea protein industry]Xinhua News Agency●□▽, Beijing, March 16th, China Peoples Political Consultative Conference□-□, director of the 13th National Committee of the National Committee▷▼, deputy director (133) (133 March 16, 2018) The Thirteenth National Committee of the CPPCCs third national committee The Committee adopted the proposal committee (12) Director: Li Zhiyong deputy director (11, according to the surname “, Hui, Tianjie (resident), Li Xiaoquan, Hu Si, Guo Gengmao□△□, Huang Rong Director, Qi Jianguo, Jiang Dingzhi▷◁▪, Lai Ming, Director of the Economic Commission (17): Shangfu Lin, deputy director (16, according to the surname “▪●△▽: in Guangzhou, Wang Yin, Feng Fit△▽◁◆, Liu Shijin◁★•-, Liu Lihua•▪, Sun Si, Suo, Yang Weimin□★•, Chen Yulu, Lin Yifu, hou==…■.

On May 26th, spelled a lot of 20021 first quarter earnings□▼. The financial report showed that as of March 31, 2021, the number of active buyers in many years reached 823 million, a net increase of 195□▲□=.7 billion in the same period in the previous year, and led the second quarter to other e-commerce platforms in China. In terms of revenue, spelling more than a month◆•••, revenue 2-☆●△.2◇-=.167 billion yuan▽▪, a year-on-year increase of 239% from 6.541 billion yuan last year. Without the non-communication accounting, the net loss attributed to ordinary shareholders in the platform was RMB 1890.3 billion, compared with the net loss in the same period last year as RMB 3169.6 million, and the net loss has narrowed significantly•★☆. Formally enter 800 million user-time financial repo.

Original title: Railway Department: Expanding the fare of some EMU train fare, up to 20% from April 28☆▲◇, 2018▷•, the railway department will further expand the railway department group companys internal division of train fares and discounts, The price between the seats, further improve the service measures, and enhance the visit of passengers□●◇•. The railway department will provide different forms◇●, different amplitude, different forms, different amplitude Discounted discounts, the maximum discount is increased from 10% of the previous pilot to 20%. This is a floating pilot train fare from the train operation line of the railway bureau group company in the management of the Railway Bureau Group Corporatio!

Original title: Report show■◇: Womens average income than mens low 22% Zhongqing Online Beijing March 6th (China Youth Daily, Zhongqing Online Reporter Wang Cong) Zhilian Recruitment Todays survey report show, overall, women The average monthly average income is 22% lower than men. In the ordinary staff stage, this difference is not obvious…▲◇-, which indicates that more men have been promoted. The report was released in the “Her World · She Power” 2018 China Female Leadership Summit●△. The survey uses a sampling survey□=◆, and has a questionnaire survey in different industries◆●, different age groups in 31 provinces (autonomous regions / municipalities)▷◁, and has formed a statistical analysis and formation of ★△•”2018 China Womens Workplace Status Quo Investigation Report★▪☆…”. According to the report○▼●, 73▲★.8% of the workplace said it is in the companys executive.

Original title: Eating light is net, retreat different sizes of empty hard gelatin capsules protein bars industry statistics! City, state-owned enterprises, patrol feedback, “Individual leading cadre▷□▪□, the pole effect△▽, ignore the rules and regulations, and use the power to use the power”, the 8 inspection teams of the Beijing Municipal Committee have given tour of 24 municipal companies. Among them•=, 9 state-owned enterprises “to rectify the promotion” work△△, 11 state-owned enterprises or secondary enterprises are not standardized, and 6 companies have a part-time issue■□, at least 15 state-owned enterprises have a violation of the central eighth provisions. This is the second round of inspections of the 12th Beijing Municipal Committee, and 24 patrol targets are state-owned enterprises. Major decisions implement 9 state-owned enterprises “to promote” dissipation ☆■◁”work in the discovery rectification promotion” is not enough, advancement, advancement of supply side structural reform results, innovation dri.Pure collagen protein energy drink industry report transgenic plants a production system for industrial and pharmaceutical proteins,