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[empty gelatin capsule white]Coaching books such as the “Peoples Republic of China Supervision Law☆△★▼” and the Chinese Peoples Republic of China have been published by China Foundation Publishing House△▼…. Deepening the National Monitoring System Reform is a major decision-making deployment made by Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. The 13th National Peoples Congress of the Just Thirteenth National Peoples Congress passed the supervision law•-▲-. In order to help the majority of party members and cadres, public officials◇◁▽, especially the discipline inspection and supervision cadres and implementation of the supervision law◇◁▽, Fang Zheng publishes the publication of the monitors, learning questions and answers▷•, etc., interprets legal provisions, profoundly explaining the spiritual essence of the monitoring law, There is a strong targeted and guiding. Editor in charge: Guoqia!

Textbook is calm◁•. In this week◇▷▪, Sichuan Airlines 3U8633 flight emergency landing incident is subjective. At present, the cause of the accident is still further investigated. On the 17th-••, netizen @ 水 草 rabbit is strongly exposed to a suspected heroic and air traffic control person (ATC) □▽▽”super calm□•△◇” conversation recording. It shows that after the aircraft has failed◁•, the captain is very calm and calmly communicated with the ATC▼△, “now ..■◆☆. It is a bit fault”▲■▷, the application is high and returned. After the report, ●□○”windshields” will be prepared from Chengdu, with a huge noise▷■, the unit is “silent”. ATC and other units of ATC and other crews have repeatedly call ◁○”Sichuan 8633■▼”-□▽•, and they have no response●◆•. On the 19th, the observer network contacted the publisher of the video, she said it is not on=■.

Original title: 15 years ago, the United States used this trick to let Iraq “disappear”, is it good to China? On June 11th, the United States abolished the resolution of the “Network Neutral Case” officially entered into force. The bill passed by this Obama has only “survive◁▲●” for three years. This is a ●○●○”self-study” in the other side of the ocean, but it has recently brushed the screen of Chinas network. This is because the circulation of the argument: Trump cancel the “Network Neutral Case” is actually legalized to China. This inexplicable “legend○•▪○” continues to ferment, bringing great confusion to people. Is there any ability to give China ◇▪”break network”? What is this “Network Neutral Case▽…”, why is the two US Governments around it? Du Shu has brought two articles today☆○, talking about these t.

Zhongxin Network Langfang May 26 (Song Mintao Wang Yili) To comprehensively do a good job in all kinds of disaster accidents, especially earthquake rescue cross-regional preparations, further enhance the citys fire rescue team emergency response and combat winning capabilities★◁, 25th to 26th The fire rescue detachment of Langfang City, Hebei Province organized a total of comprehensive factor earthquake disaster cross-regional actual combat pulling drills. The event was transferred to 19 fire rescue stations, a total of more than 200 fighters, including a heavy-duty earthquake rescue team consisting of 110 people. The picture shows the fire refrons warfare to carry out fixed support subjects▲•. Fan Yida photo is the equipment carrying the firefighting warfare. Fan Yida took place to form a place in Langfang Ci•◁=. protein purification in industry powder halal food grade gelatinGelatin capsule wholesale gelatin hard gelatin capsules production line,