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[functional properties of proteins in food industry]Original title•□: University principal, ■•”digging people” chaos “treatment comparison, we cant catch up with” “I really like to collect mail…△, afraid of collecting emails…▽▼•.” March 6th, in the National Peoples Congress Delegation At the end, the National Peoples Congress representative, Suzhou University President Xiong Simidong and the representatives shared a tricky thing that was facing recently. Just a few days ago, Xiong Sidong received an email from a researcher from the school. In the email○●, the researchers submitted to Xiong Simid East★△, the reason for the departure is that Shenzhen University provides him with better treatment and platform. All along, Xiong Sidong likes to collect mail, because through email can understand which achievements and progress have been achieved through the school, and fear of collecting mail is because the talent team is stable, and similar varying emails will not be col.

The Economic Talk ■▽◇”Trinity” Creating a New Advantage of Digital Economic Competition Author: Industrial and Information Technology Said Research Institute Policy Regulations Director Yun Qun With the breakthrough development of new generation information technology, the explosive growth of its application scenarios, Digital economy is a new engine for economic development. In recent years, my countrys digital economy has developed rapidly, and the scale of industrial is continuously expanded. Facing the □◁”14th Five-Year Plan” and 2035 long-distance views, build a new number of digital economies▼△☆, we must adhere to the development of research and development, application△▽…▼, governance, to develop modern information network and information communication technology, promote digital technology applications, and ensure the supply and use of data production factors Basic ideas, improve key in research and developme…◁▷.

China New Jingwei Client May 27th, on the morning of the 27th, the Hengfeng fell slightly, the highest touched 29157.95 points in the disk, the minimum of 28950.72 points, as of the afternoon closed, the constant finger down 0★▷-◇.3%△▼▷, report 29078…▷◁○.02 points▼•-; State-owned enterprise index fell 0▪■□.41 %▲●▼, Reported 10810.55 points; red-chip index rose 0.1%, reported 4155.18 points▼★…; the large market turnover is 92.357 billion Hong Kong dollars. On the surface of the hot plate▼=•□, the semiconductor, non-alcoholic beverage, information technology consultant, consumer electronics, steel and other five sectors led…●, of which 17.39% increased by 17★●•○.39% reported in HK $ 0.810 led the semiconductor sector☆▼; real estate agent•☆=◁, educatio.

Original title▷◇•☆: Headlines China Braided diplomatic communication○▲, transferring a clear signal to the world○○•! Quick Review: China and more construction water to Canvas Beijing time May 1, China and Dominica signed the establishment of diplomatic diploma, decided to admit each other and establish a grade diplomatic relationship from each other from the date of publication○△•◁. Dominican alliances believe that this is a major event that is water to the stream◆▽. ▲ On May 1st, the State Councilor and the Minister of Foreign Minister Wang Yi signed the “Joint Bulletin of the Peoples Republic of China and the Dominican Republic on the establishment of diplomatic relations in Beijing with Foreign Minister, Beijing. Xinhua News Agency, Ding Lin◁◁, Dominika is the largest economy in Central America and the Caribbean, which has an important impact in regional affairs◁◁△◁. There is a long traffic source◆◇. The Chinese came to Domini life and work very earl.

Original title: She is known as the “representative of the Ministry of Finance”, and the performance of the “sharp sister”□△, ▪◇▲”Sharp sister-◆”, the “Sharp sister”, who has four questions, represents Fan Wei, this year, then ask the Securities Regulatory Commission. On the morning of March 5▪■, the 13th National Peoples Congress opened a meeting. The governments work report is proposed, reforming the financial services system, preventing financial risks●■□. In the afternoon, the Shanghai delegation considered the governments work report and Chairman of the Securities Regulatory Commission■●○▽, Liu Shi▽★▽◁, will listen to the opinion◆★★. Why is the listed company executives take millions of salary not to shareholders? Why did someone abandoning the investors to go abroad and never come back▷▪-▪, is the Securities and Regulatory Commission have no restrictions on him? The Shanghai delegation issued a representative of Fan Yi, and said▼…●, “The chairman of Liu Liu is here□◇…, it can respond”. The venue laughed◆■▪, Liu Shi Yu smiled. On March 7, the National Peoples Congress represents Fan W china bulk gelatin is gelatin a homogeneous mixture Gelatin capsule protein bar industry magazine grass fed bovine collagen peptides!!