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[what is hydrolyzed bovine hide collagen peptides]Zhongxin Net Changsha May 28 (Reporter Deng Xia) Hunan Changsha found a group of ancient tombs in the Han to Tang and Song Dynasties in the construction site. The reporter saw the tombs in archaeological excavation on the site on the 28th. According to reports, there are currently 42 ancient tombs•▪, and 24 seats have been discovered△▲-▲. Most of the tomb levels are small and medium-sized civilian tomb, a small amount of a secondary aristocratic tomb. The construction project site is located in Hunan Geological Middle School, in the 19th cultural relics (Bulk Bay cultural relics)▷••▼, announced by Changsha Municipal Government. Zhang Jingyu◆△▽■, the head of the archaeological site, said that the surrounding area of ​​the project has discovered multi-batch of ancient tombs and important artifacts in the process of cooperating with the basic construction of the cit▽●.

China News Agency, Hong Kong, on May 27★○, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Legislative Council considers the “In 2021 Perfection Election System (Comprehensive Revision) Bill◁□◇▽”▷…, the group of Hong Kong welcomed this, and the group pointed out that the Bill will be opened. ▽▽=”Patriot Governance” era. The Hong Kong CPP stated that resolutely supported the Legislative Council on the Hong Kong Special Economic Zone constitutional order and the rule of law, improve the Hong Kong election system and mechanism to comprehensively and accurately implement the ◇☆▼=”one country○•■, two systems” policy○•, opened the “Patriot Governor” era, highlighting maintenance The determination of national sovereignty, security, development interests, in line with the actual situation in Hong Kong and democratic process, played administrative leadership, administrative legislation and mutual cooperati-=?

Original title: [Solution] Read the Shanghe Qingdao Summit, an article is enough for Midsummer Times, Qingdao is a rare summer resort◁□. More than 20 days of weather, here ushered in the Shanghe Organization Qingdao Summit. The city is beautiful▷…○★, the volunteers are intimate, the news center is chic, the beer is refreshing, the evening is wonderful, the fireworks are gorgeous▷•▼, this Kang has a city “Chinas first▲□☆…” city, which has been well prepared. The island uncle is most expected▲-•☆, nature is todays speech today□★•, and the signing ceremony of the Shanghai Cooperation Organizations leaders and joint meetings. If you know○…△, the Heroes Island is in the scene. After listening to the general speech and reporter, the island uncle came to talk to the Secretariat of the Shanghe Organization□■★◁, the officials and media of the countries. Five views, five recommendations Xi Tong, as always, the golden sentence itered■-. Many media ○▼.

Original title▽□: Norwegian Finland will travel to Chinas new corridor in the Arctic Circle? [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] Recently▪•, located in Norway▼-◆, Norway, Finland announced that it plans to build a railway in the Arctic Circle, open the transportation line of the existing railway network in Finland to the Arctic Ocean••★△, and is considered the European “Arctic Corridor” plan See the prototype. In this blueprint, Finland will become a hub on the “Arctic Silk Road”. According to Xinhua News Agency, the Ministry of Transport and Communication, the Ministry of Transport and Communication, which plans to build a railway in the Arctic Circle, connect Norwegian Hilkenes, Rovaniemi, Finland (Rovaniemi▷▼, Luova)▼■★. Leni is located in the Arctic Circle, East 25 ° 44 , north latitude 66 ° 30, is the capital of Lapland, some people also call Finla•◁☆.