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[3.5 chameleon handbook]Original title□☆◁…: Guangdong Yixi two cars collided with tanker explosion only dozens of meters from the gas station☆◁, the scene of the accident, Zhanjiang June 3 (Reporter Liang Sheng) 3:32 pm 325 National Highway Guangdong Zhanxi County Huangli Town Yuanshui Gas Station intersection◁▼▷, junction section of the source water intersection, an air-load liquid ammonia tank car with a silt truck collided with a silt truck□▲▽●, which caused the tanker explosion Traffic accident…•◆. After receiving the report, the local government△◆▼□, the public security traffic police•=★◆, fire protection and other departments immediately rushed to the scene to dispose. At present☆◆, the fire has been extinguished, no casualties in the accident, the relevant work is in an orderly manner. It is understood that the accident is only ten meters away from the Sinopec Suxiyuan water gas station. When the incident▷●, the liquid ammonia tank car is just empty car, otherwise the consequences are unimaginable▲▽●. (Finis◇□?

Original title△★•▽: “US priority▷-◁☆” also must respect the country recently, the US Trump government rang the drum of the China Trade War. If the personality is astringent, it will drag the Sino-US economic and trade relations and the world trading system, the United States It will also pay the cost for your own reckless. For more than a year, Trump took the name “US priority○▽□◁”==△, but also stunned everywhere at home and abroad, not only aging in the country◇▷▲▼. It is also a hot medicine flavor▽◆□▲. It has repeatedly adjusted foreign policy, including withdrawing crossing the Pacific Partnership Agreement, Paris Climate Change agreement, UNESCO, “Immigration Problem Global Contract” development process, etc. Especially in terms of trade policies•□…△, the Trump government has continuously adopted protectionist measures…○◇■, which is frequently pressed to many countries, trying to take over the economic and trade benefits of high pressure. From the interests of the count□▽○•!

Original title: Teresa delegates suggested that the establishment of a specialized agency assessing whether the legal policy is a good law, in addition to the content•◇, the form is in line with the requirements of the good law, whether it is equivalent to fairness and justice, including men and women equality values, in the country Delegation of the National Womens Federation, the Vice President of the National Womens Federation☆●▼, this is a very important question that needs to be examined. According to the representatives of the China National Peoples Family, Teresas representative submitted a “proposal to establish legal policy gender equality assessment mechanism”▷•★□, it is recommended to form a specialized agency to carry out gender equality of legal policy development, implementation and effect. Evaluation. The “proposal” said that the legal policy gender equality assessment mechanism is a specialized agency composed of relevant personnel with gender equality, according to the price of men and wom industrial grade technical gelatin industrial protein for antibiotics Pectin manufacturer gelatin online china powdered gelatine,!