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Contacts.[amandean beef gelatin]At 7●★◇:00 pm on June 2, 2018△◁■○, the seven foreign migrant workers in Xinjiang Town△◆★▽, Wengyuan County were born, and the commonly known as large tea drugs were poisoned. 3 people died in poisoning◆■●-, 4 people were treated in the Yuebei Peoples Hospital. After the occurrence-◁•▽, the county party committee and county government immediately launched the emergency emergency handling mechanism, quickly organizing the relevant departments of the Safety Sworthy△•, etc☆☆▷▽.▪▪●, the first time, the first time, the rescue work of poisoning migrant workers▼▷. At present, the rescue work and various investigations are in an orderly manner. Source: Wengyuan County Peoples Government Editor: Huo !

Original title: Huizhou Municipal Peoples Procuratorate Party Secretary and Prosecutor Zhang Sizhong was investigated Guangzhou Daily News (all media reporter Tangnan correspondent Yue Yunxuan) reporter learned from the Guangdong Provincial Commission for Discipline Committee yesterday that Huizhou Municipal Peoples Procuratorate Party Secretary and Prosecutor Zhang Sizhen is suspected of suspected of suspected Serious violations of laws and discipline are currently being accepted for discipline review and monitoring. Responsible Editor: Zhang .

Xinhua News Agency◇□□, Beijing May 27th•■▼△, the 40th anniversary of China Daily, China Daily•▼, China Daily, China Dailys 40th anniversary▷•▼, I express my warm congratulations 2 gelatin solution protein food industries pune maharashtra! To the newsletter of all cadres and foreign experts, friends, and sincere greetings how protein denaturation can benefit food industry 250 bloom gelatin powder! In the past 40 years, China Daily has played its own advantages, actively promoting Chinas reform and development, in order to tell Chinese stories, spreading Chinese voice to play an important role=☆. I hope that China Daily has a new starting point to the 40th anniversary of the publication, keep in mind the responsibility of the link, communicating the world, and innovate the foreign language system, build a full-media communication pattern, build a high-quality team, and continuously introduce international influence. Chinas development concep.

China News Network Beijing May 27 (Reporter Ni) “Meimei and Total – Celebrate China Democratic Alliance Established 80th Anniversary Allies Art Works Exhibition” Exhibition of China Art Museum…▲, 324 works, including Chinese painting, oil painting ▲○■▪, Print◁●, sculpture, watercolor painting△◆…, sketch, calligraphy and other art door classes…■★. The China Democratic Union is mainly engaged in cultural education and high science and technology work, and there is a wide contact with the art world. There are many well-known artists in the allies. They have a profound impact in the art world. Chinese art history writes an immortal chapter. Exhibition on-site Li Jinshi Exhibition is divided into four chapters☆★○△, ▼=…•”historical memory▼▼” chapt▪▪.