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[fao protein sources for the animal feed industry]Original title: Finance Minister Xiao Jie: Angel Investment Information Tax Treated Policy This year★•◆, this years national promotion report Liberation Daily · View Journalist Zhu Yizhen Wang Yile 13th National Peoples Congress One Meeting News Center held a press conference this morning, inviting Minister of the Minister of the Minister of Treasury Deputy Director Shi Yaobin, Hu Jinglin□▲, answered questions from China and foreign journalists on the ◁-▷●”Financial and Tax Reform and Financial Work-△○”. When responding to the issue of tax cuts•-★□, Xiao Jie said that this year will continue to implement tax reduction and tax reduction policies in accordance with the Party Central State Council, further mitigating the burden of enterprise▽○□□, allowing the market entity to make greater development vitality. Xiao Jie said that this year mainly considers the following aspects. First, continue to reform and improve the VAT system. According to the value-added tax rate, the direction of the two gears•…○…, the level of adjustment of the tax rate is reasonable, and the focus is to reduce manufacturing and paymen○▼.

Original title: Heavy Personnel Sichuan, Jiangxi, Guangxi Sanhua Secretary Synchronous Adjustment Listening, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China decided: Wang Dongming is no longer part of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee Secretary, Standing Committee, Member of Comrade=★●, Ren Sichuan Provincial Committee, Standing Committee, Secretary No longer serve as the secretary of the Party Committee, Standing Committee and Committee of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Comrade Luin Xinshin was a member of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and the Standing Committee◁◆☆, Secretary◁▼, no longer served as Secretary of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, Standing Committee, and Committee; Liu Qis comrades served as Secretary of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee. On March 17th, a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress was elected as Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress, and Wang Dongming was elected as a vice chairman of the Thirteen National Peoples Congress Standing Committee. Wang Dongming Qi Wang Dongming, male•▼◆-, Han nationality▼◇▽•, born in July 1956, Liaoning Wonder◁▼△◇, in August 1975 participati•◆.

Original title: Adhere to the realization of the “Dual Tracking of the Peninsula” Dual Traffic -▲”Local Time, April 5, 2018, Chairman Xi Jinping, the State Council and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with the Russian Foreign Minister Lav Rov, T. reporter. A reporter asked Wang Yi to see the next Korean peninsula and the role that Sino-Russia can play•=◆▪. Wang Yi said that China and Russia were neighbors of the Korean Peninsula□◆▼, and the Member States of the Six-Party Talks…◁•, the peace and peace of the peninsula were closely related to the interests of the Sino-Russian interests. In the past years, China and Russia coordinated with each other, and made unremitting efforts to promote peaceful solutions of the peninsula▪•◇▲, develop real-feasible roadmaps■■. Just now, I have exchanged advice on the latest changes of the Foreign Minister of Lav Rov△■, forming a new consensus. We all welcome and suppo••☆◆.

China New Jingwei Client May 27th, on the morning of the 27th, the Hengfeng fell slightly, the highest touched 29157…△.95 points in the disk▲▽, the minimum of 28950•▷.72 points, as of the afternoon closed, the constant finger down 0-▼.3%, report 29078.02 points; State-owned enterprise index fell 0.41 %, Reported 10810.55 points; red-chip index rose 0▲★○=.1%■○, reported 4155.18 points; the large market turnover is 92.357 billion Hong Kong dollars□▼▼◁. On the surface of the hot plate, the semiconductor-◁◁★, non-alcoholic beverage★▼★, information technology consultant○△–, consumer electronics, steel and other five sectors led, of which 17▷-.39% increased by 17△○★.39% reported in HK $ 0.810 led the semiconductor sector; real estate agent▲▽◁, educatio.

Original title: A letter to the full-provincial admissions test front of the provinces admissions examinee●…, the candidates, the candidates, their own interests, and the social harmony and stability, and the image of the party and the government. Our province is the big province of candidates, enrollment in the province…□•…. This year-◆◁, more than 980▲○●▪,000 candidates are currently being admitted to nearly 400,000 high-vocational admission work in nervousness. For this years college entrance examination enrollment work, the party committee governments at all levels attach great importance to the discipline inspection and supervision department strictly supervise, publicize, public security, industrial information, and confidentiality, etc△…. Strictly follow national regulations, policies and procedures to ensure the safety and fairness of college entrance examination. In July, the parents of the candidate Su○△-, Yang made a public office, and two other parents were posted many times in real name in the online media▪☆◆, questioning the answe.