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Pure collagen![hydrolysed gelatine]Original title★■•: Korean dispatch delegation visited North Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Looking forward to visiting the active results Peoples Daily on March 5th, today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a routine reporter meeting, the spokesperson answered the reporter. Q☆△•: Today, today, the Presidents dispatch delegation visited North Korea, improve the north-south relations, and creates an atmosphere for the Nuclear Problem of the United States□◆. What comments do China? A: Recently□☆, the Korean and Korean parties have actively carried out dialogue interactions with Pingchang Winter Olympics, and the halftone situation ushered in a rare mitigation momentum. China welcomes and supports this, and we have clarified this position. Today, the Korean Pai Special Envoy visited the DPRK and exchanged views on the relevant issues•…★…. China believes that this is a good thing, look forward to the active results of access. We hope that all parties can be read in the half-half peace and stabilit.

Original title■◆▲: GRP member Liu Shijin: GDP growth rate of 6.3% can achieve comprehensive construction of a well-off society on March 3, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the former deputy director of the State Council Development Research Center, China Development Research Foundation Vice Chairman Liu Shijin In an interview with the “Daily Economic News” reporter in the station, the stage of Chinas economic growth has passed○-▼▪, and it is no longer pursuing unrealistic high growth▲◇=. The potential growth rate of economic growth has declined, so be sure to pursue GDP ◆☆”hang▽☆” The steering is truly based on quality efficiency. Image Source: Visual China, every reporter Li Wei…◁-, Huoxing, every editor of Chen Xing▪•, opened out of the local economy △▷”transcript▽▷” everywhere, and slammed off the pure pursuit of GDP growth, by the past “speed plo!

Original title: China-US comprehensive economic dialogue is interrupted? Ministry of Commerce: I think there is no interruption, but also continue to talk about [Global Network Comprehensive Report] The 13th National Peoples Congress, a meeting of Meeting News Center held a press conference at the Center Multi-function Hall of Madia (Sunday) 10p…•, Invitation The Minister of Commerce▽☆■△, the deputy director of the Minister of Commerce, and the deputy director of the International Trade Negotiation-=▪★, the deputy director of the “Promoting the Formation of the New Pattern to promote the high quality development of business career▷▼” and answer questions. The following is a reporter meeting part□◇◆◆: Bloomberg reporter: The first question, we all note that there are some varies of China-US trade relations, I want to ask the Minister●◇▪, what kind of plan is there in China to reduce the scale between China and the United States Pretty huge trade surplus•◇, this year•▽★, is there a 25kg food gelatin price can protein be made in a industrial proces capsule gelatin!

Original title: The 4th Olympic champion is the Source of the Provincial Party Committee of the Provincial Party Committee: Changan Street, I found that the Communist Youth League Shanghais 15th representative was closed. The first plenary meeting of the fifteenth committee was then held, and the leadership team of the Municipal Party Committee was elected. In addition to the four team secretary●▼▷, deputy secretary, the plenary session also elected a deputy secretary and three part-time deputy secretary. Changan Street△•★●, Id▼▽=: CapitalNews, noticed, deputy secretary of the Shanghai Sports Bureau▷▲▷, the group committee of the small partners…◁=△, and Diving Water Olympic champion Wu Minxia□▲▽☆, ​​is one of the three part-time deputy secretary. Wu Minxia, ​​from this, Wu Minxia became another sports star that entered the group provincial (city) committee after the “cross-border” in the Olympic Games. Previously▽=, the figure skating winter Olympics=●☆, Shen Xue, female royal family Wei Qiuy gelatin bovine means!

Original title◁▪: Liaoning Survey Committee, in order to set up a special investigation committee in the local debt routing road■●…■, a thorough investigation of the governments expenditure budget structure and government debt, which helps to find out all the government Directly with or have debts▲★▪▪, find out the real balance of the present level. ▲ Source: Visual Chinese Wen Editorial “Liaoning Daily” reported that the fourth meeting of the Thirteenth National Peoples Congress Standing Committee in Liaoning Province has passed the Standing Committee of the Provincial Peoples Congress on the establishment of government expenditure budget structure and government debt investigation committee decision. This is a new attempt to exercise supervision rights in the Liaoning Provincial Peoples Congress, innovation, in the Standing Committee of the National Provincial Peoples Congress▲◆. From practice, resolve local debt primary is a face proble•…△○.