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[protein purification industry]Original title: The US unilateral launch of the trade war without any international law according to the “Peoples Daily” (July 15▷□, 2018) The Ministry of Commerce is pointed out in the statement issued on July 12, the US accuses Chinas counter-institutions without international law★▽. According to the basis, there is no international legal basis for the US unilateral launch of the trade war. Experts have generally believed that the United States is to violate the basic spirit and principles of WTO for the ◇◇”Understanding of the Dispute Solution Rules and Procedures”. China is forced to take counterconstruction▲•△, which is an inevitable choice for maintaining national interests and global interests. It is completely legitimate and legitimate▪◇◆□. The friction is not surprising, the key should take reasonable way to solve the solution, rather than the one-sided and protectioni★●☆!

China News Agency, May 27 (Reporter Zhou Yin) reporter learned from the China Ministry of Transport, in 2020, China Transportation Industry has completed the investment of 3.5 trillion yuan•★▽, an increase of 7.1% over the previous year. The highest level in the year■◁•. The whole years national port completion of the cargo throughput increased by 4.3% over the previous year□▽◇△. The year was restored to 99▽◁▽.5% of the previous year▪☆▽. Sun Wenjian◇◇•◁, a news spokesperson◇○▲, said, from three aspects, one is the main indicator continues to recover☆■, and the “V…☆☆” trend of first-rise rise is presented. Traffic fixed asset investment is the first to recover. Since May 2020▷◆, the accumulated growth rate of investment is negative, and the basic complement of the gap caused by the epidemic. Express implementati▪△◇◆.

Original title△●•▲: Survey of Changsheng Biology china pure gelatin☆▼ collagen fish! Resolutely protect □▷”Healthy China”◁○■! The person in charge of the State Food and Drug Administration today informed Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. illegal and violated the production of freezing people with rabies vaccine cases. According to the clues provided by the report, July 5, the State Food and Drug Administration will conduct flight inspections of Changchun Changsheng Company with the Jilin Provincial Bureau; on July 15th, the State Food and Drug Administration will carry out investigations in the company with the Jilin Provincial Bureau. On July 15, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the “Notice on the Production of Frozen Manufactured Biopathy Vaccine” in Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. It has now been identified that the enterprise makes production records and product inspection records, freely change process parameters and equipment. The above behavior violates the ▽▲◇□”Peoples Republic of Chin gelatin a valuable protein for food and pharmaceutical industries■○★□ About Us pb leiner usa,!

[援平: China has never used the Overseas Chinese Affairs Work to hurt of the countrys interests] Asked by the reporter, whether to continue to pay attention to and pay attention to overseas Chinese? Director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office said★=•…: “The mother is still a mother, please ask the overseas Chinese to relax the heart◆●!” 裘 援 平 said that China is a responsible big country in the field of immigration, never use the overseas Chinese work to do the interests of other countries, And respect for their legitimate legitimate rights and interests••, to win more equally and friendly environments□•▪. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Liu Guang.

Original title: The National Table Office responds to the United States to sign the ••◆○”Taiwan Communication Act”: Resolutely opposed [Global Network Report Reporter Xu Yip Chao] Local Time March 16th, the United States signed the “Taiwan Communication Act”□•△•. In this regard, the National Taiwan Affairs Spokesman An Fengshan responded that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has shown that we resolutely oppose the strict position of the United States to sign the “Taiwan Communication Act”, and have proposed it to the US-□. An Fengshan said that the case shall not be legally binding▼☆▪■, but serious violations violate a Chinese principle and the three joint communiqués of Sino-US◇☆, issued a serious error signal to the ▲○”Taiwan independence” splitting power•☆▼, give complex and severe cross-strait relations situation and Taihai Regional peace stability causes a serious impact▽★◆□. We firmly oppose this▪△◆▪. An Fengshan emphasized that I also probed to Taiwan, and I wi○■.