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[gelatin enteric coated empty capsules]Original title: Three characteristics of national enterprises since the 18th National Congress: Double High, Double and Double Double Double Author◁▲●•: Li Li, Yun Wei is an important area that is related to the peoples livelihood-▼●. The Party has always attached importance to the development and reform of state – owned enterprises. Since the 18th National Congress, with the continuous increase of anti-corruption□▷☆, with the development of special inspections of state-owned enterprises==▼○, state-owned enterprises corruption have continued to pay attention■★▼, especially the corruption problem of state-owned enterprises has become a key issue★•. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in five plenary sessions of the 18th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection: “We must focus on improving the state-owned enterprise supervision system, strengthen the partys leadership of state-owned enterprises○☆, strengthen the supervision of national-owned enterprises, and do a good job in the inspection of state-owned enterprises, increase the audit Supervise the intensity. We must improve the state-owned asset resource supervision system, strengthen the pow.

Original title: Taiwan defense department: nearly 50 Chinese liberation army ships have passed the Taiwan Strait Plan source★▼: United Daily newspaper on July 22, according to Taime media reports•☆▽, Taiwan defense department sources pointed out that the Liberation Army Navy Ship has passed the Taiwan Strait, two days The total number of ships through the Taiwan Strait will be nearly 50◆■, including the “Chinese God Shield” destroyer•○. According to the ▪■-“United Daily report★■▽” quantiase, the Navy Ship, the Liberation Army▷◇☆, the Navy Ship▷▼■□, suddenly opened by the Taiwan Strait, high-speed through the Taiwan Strait★△■…, through the Taiwan Strait, through the Taiwan Strait, nearly 50 According to reports, there is a large ship, including the PLA East Sea Fleet, such as 052C / 052D ◇◇”China God Shield▪•▷” destroyer▷□■△, and other models of large tonnes, almost a?

Original title: Out of Hairy This middle-entered statement: According to the Hong Kong “Datong” reported on August 2△□-○, “Since the US Trump government insists on the addition of tariffs in China, I have directly pushed the Chicago Industrial Exhibition that I have to participate in September□▷▪▽. Japanese Industrial Exhibition in June. “Hangzhou Bafa Machinery Co◆▪▽-.◆…▼, Ltd•▽▲., the main point of the United States, the US manufacturers maintain a wait-and-see attitude, not easy to order, and decided to open up new markets☆□. Wang Wenying, General Manager Wang Wenying, took a stainless steel fitting on the table. As the trade war continues to deepen■=••, plus the United States to block the technology to block the technology, this makes her more look mo☆★☆?

Original title: Director of the Development and Reform Commission talked about the 18-year China economy, confidently achieved 6▷….5% growth target text Liberation Daily · View Journalist Chen Heyi Wang Le Le Le 3d National Peoples Congress One Meeting News Center held a press conference at 10 oclock this morning, country Zhang Yifeng, the main committee of the Development and Reform Commission, Zhang Yong◁△△, deputy director◇•, Ningji, who ◇◆★”innovation and improved macroeconomic regulation, promoting high quality development△◆□”, answering questions about China and foreign reporters. When answering how to look at Chinas economic growth expectation, He Lifeng said that the Chinese economy has a smooth and sustainable development last year, and the Chinese economy has vitality, potential, and tenacity. The 6.5% growth target proposed by the Government Work Report is to meet the real economic situation in my country◆▷△▼, and have confidence to achieve this goal■●•. He Lifeng said, 2017 Chinas econo.

China New Network Beijing May 28 (Reporter Pangsuo) 28th, the third 03 star in the rail delivery ceremony is held in Beijing, which marks the official delivery of satellite to Chinas natural resource departments. Resources No. 3 Successfully launched July 25, 2020, is an important autonomous satellite data source for the Natural Resources Department as the main user. Its prominent advantage is that three-dimensional stereoscopic measurements can effectively obtain high-resolution three-dimensional image▽-★•, full-color multi-spectral image, and laser measurement data○△▽•, significantly improve the 1: 50,000 scale measurement and greater proportional geographic information update ability■★==, for the national economic construction Fundamental data guarantee for social development. According to reports, resources 3 03 stars and in tra?