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About Us![separated gelatin capsules]Original title: Yang Jiechi held a talks with South Koreas security room, Zheng Yi, March 29 (Reporter Chen Shangwen) On March 29, Xi Jinping Chairman Special Representative▲▼, member of the CPC Central Committee, director of the Central Foreign Affairs Work Committee, Yang Jiechi Seoul held talks with South Korea National Security Chamber. Yang Jiechi said that China and South Korea are friendly neighbors, and the relations between the two countries have recently improved the momentum●■○★. This year is the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the China-South Korea strategic partnership. The two sides should take this as an opportunity to actively fall the important consensus of the President of the Power and the President, strengthen political communication, promote the construction of “all the way”=●☆△, deepen pragmatic cooperation, promote humanities exchange, sensitive problems, and promote the relationship between the two countries Finished new results and benefit the people of the two countries▼▽◁. Yang Jiechi is solved by Zheng .

Original title: Guangdong Qingyuan Police○☆▷…: “Guangdong Yingde▲△, a boy rabies attack=▷”, the new Beijing News (Reporter Zhao Kaidi) For the online hot “Yingde one boy is biting, no rabies vaccine, sudden attack” video Today△▷, (March 2), the Net Police Detachment of Qingyuan Public Security Bureau in Guangdong Province rumors that the network police detachment understands the related epidemic prevention department of Yingde City, and the response recently did not receive the rabies☆△, the information and videos Belonite. A video obtained by the Beijing News reporter showed that a boy was controlled by three adults on the chair★●, and the boy kept crying and issued a dogs voice•…○. For the above video■★▷●, some netizens released the information that the boy was bitten by his own dog, and did not play a vaccine at the time-◇■. There are also netizens said that “this family is Guangdong Yi.

On the 100th anniversary of the party, party history learning education should pay attention to the use of learning…•○, to promote, and act as☆◆. All local departments should closely integrate party history education and “I do practical things for the people△●-“, focus on the people, mental, pay attention, things, and find the key, the disease★△•▼. Take the “joint, protect★…, declare”, and improve the traffic efficiency of urban area◁▷□. Leading cadres must closely focus on the convenient and safe travel issues of the masses, and promote the joint treatment of street traffic security issues. One is the joint defense. Implement the safety hotspots▷…□, traffic blockers▲○■☆, and key regions “1 point”☆▪▪, “the normalization jointly carry out public security traffic remediation. The second is to protect the medicine. For primary and secondary schools•◇, traffic blocks around the hospit•▷-.

Zhongxin Net Chongqing May 28th: ​​Chongqing Electronics Social Security Card Signment Exceeding 1 ▲●▲”Intangible” Card ■◆”Lead△▼◁” out of the people “Tangled◇□★▲” big peoples lives Chen Xin official Xinshan City fog, hot pot city☆▪○•, net red city … Chongqing, Chinese historical and cultural city, has a history of writing more than 3-☆★,000 years. Chongqing is deepening the implementation of the national data strategy, and in depth=•, the innovation-driven development strategic action plan led by big data is intelligent, and the grading classification promotes new intelligence urban construction, and promotes high quality development to Chongqing, create high quality life to provide intelligence engine○…. Chongqing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau vigorously promotes the application of electronic social security cards, measures and woven the peoples health insuran◆•▪★.

Original title■-…▼: Guo Pujia representative◁=△: China Air Force will will fly farther, more powerful•▽=◁, and better…-•, and todays “record two sessions” to record the National Peoples Congress★▼, the Deputy Political Committee of the Central Affairs Battle District and the Air Force Committee of the Central Affairs Community Sound, please listen to the report of Junan reporter Ji Mengnan. [Ji Mengnan]△■: At the third meeting of the Peoples Liberation Army and Armed Police Force▽▲, you have made reports for the Chair▼▽☆▼, and the Chairman of Xi gave responded. What is your deepest feelings? [Guo Pu School]: I am the first time I participated in the National Peoples Congress, and I have the opportunity to report some of the situation of the Force to report the construction of the troops in the PLA and the Armed Police Force Delegation. I feel very honored…▲★◁. Through the important instructions of the Chairman of the Listening-▲…, I feel the in-depth understanding of the troops, the deep thinking of the army constructi.

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