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[which method used in industry to determine protein concentration]Original title▽▼: How to actively deal with the aging of the population? On behalf of the members, the representative of the company has given the residents old-fashioned (Minsheng Welfare Round Table) This reporter Lu Lili Ke Zhongli Jiang Yunlong Zheng Shengcheng representative: To establish a multi-level pension insurance system. In addition to basic endowment insurance□▼, we must improve the annuity or professional annuity and pure voluntary business pension system. Yisida Towards Committee: Further promote the right to simultaneously, streamline the approval process…•▲, reduce the admission threshold for the pension service market, so that the old-age service industry has promoted the new kinetic energy promotion of high quality development□☆. Huang Yulin, representative▲▲◁▼: It is recommended that the state has developed a special subsidy policy for the elderly and disabled elderly, and do a good job in the connection with long-term nursing insurance•▲. Deepen the reform of the pension insurance system, strengthen the basic support of the first heavy guarant△▷△-.

Original title: Construction post ◆△=”There is a” regular operation mechanism March 7○★•, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Council, Li Shaoping, Vice President, the Supreme Peoples Court○▪★=, in the Substitute of the CPPCC. The Beijing News reporter Tao Yu has taken a series of hot cases such as the family since the last year attracted the attention of social concern. Recently, Li Shaping, member of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference and the Supreme France, in an interview with the Beijing News reporter, if a fair judgment is a qualified judicial product, then the reason to the referee is largely determined to have this share◁◁□☆. The quality and cost performance of products. To this end…▽○, the highest law will formulate relevant documents, guide the judge “Wishing” “Dare to say” “say goodness○◁-“, to create more peoples rule of law○-▲▼. Focus on the development of documents clear official post to exit the new Beijing News: We noticed…★▲, some plac.

US TV reporter: Director Liu, Hello, last year, I mentioned the issue of ecological poverty alleviation today☆□•, and we also have good practices, which we have made the “Propaganda Ecological Forum△□○▲” through the ecological poverty alleviation. I have invited some experts•☆▽▷. Ecology, poverty alleviation☆★, give you a good practice, there is a good practice. But at the same time★•▪, there is also a certain distance between the problem of ecological poverty alleviation and cash treatment. There is a difference in positive. We believe that the ecological poverty alleviation is the rule of the rules-☆, and the cash is fast, and how to organically process it in the future■◇▼. In addition, we also see some cases as media in practice and investigations in combination with ecological poverty alleviation◁▷, local resources and ecological funds have also contradictory□◁. So these issu.