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[function of protein in food industry]China News Corpusted News: On the 27th local time, ●▽”Chunmian Action” was officially launched in Tashkent★▽◇, Uzbekistan, and more than 200 people have carried out the first agent in Wu Chinese citizens…▲. Vaccination. Ambassador to Uzbekistan was in the scene of the vaccination▲◇■■. Jiang Yan said that with the party center of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core very concerned about the health and life safety of overseas compatriots, always adhere to the people-oriented concept, and deploying the embassy of the embassies and consulates in various ways to help overseas compatriots During the national two sessions of the country this year=▲◆, Wang Yi, China State Committee and Foreign Minister▷…◆, announced that “Spring” is implemented worldwid▼▪◁•.

Original title▽●▼: In June, the imported car market is 87.1% of China and Automotion “Historical Less☆□” Source•-: Daily Economic News and other daily economic news August 6 news•■☆, recently, China Auto Flow Association released China Import in June 2018 Automobile market situation report★▪, data shows that in June, Chinas auto imports is 15,000▲▲▷◆, down 87.1% year-on-year, the decline is huge; from January to June, the imported car is 452,000, which is 22.1% from the same period last year. According to the Economic Daily, Wang Fu, director of the Import Truck Committee of China Automobile Flow Association■☆…, said that the decline in imported cars is so large in the first half of the year▪◁○, and it is relatively rare in history. Different imports in the inventory with the past, this years inventory is reasonable, and the decline in imports is mainly shadowed by tariff polic▽=○△.

Original title: Lee Yongjian, the NPC: Further promote security professionalization=•▼, strengthen security practitioners to improve the publics professional recognition of the security service industry? How to make more people work in security? Li Yongjian, director of the National Peoples Congress, Director of the Department of Enterprise Management of Haidian Branch of Beijing Security Service Corporation, to further promote security professionalism, increase security professional security, strengthen security training, so that more people will regard security as a lifelong profession□□…=. Li Yong introduced that the security guards actively participated in and supported the work of anti-terrorism△○•□, major security and rescue disaster relief, and safeguarding the public security organs and safeguarding the social and economic development▼-○. Safeguarding the peoples living and promoting social harmony and stability have made significant contributions. Li Yong said…▽◆▽,▲•….

Xinhua News Agency Beijing, on May 27, the first plenary meeting▼○, the first plenary meeting, held in Beijing on the 26th. The Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier of the State Council Han Zheng hosted the meeting and speaking. The meeting conducted in-depth study and implementing the important speech and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping▪◁●◇, implementing the Party Central Committee, the Decision-making deployment of the Party Central, the State Council decision-making, and considers relevant documents, and research and deployment▲▼▷. Han Zheng said that my country strives to achieve carbon-up peaks in 2030, 2060, to achieve carbon neutralization▷•▼, is a great strategic decision made by Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. Realize carbon-up peaks, carbon neutralization★-★△, is the internal requirements of sustainable development○◇, high quality developmen. Wuhan May 27th (Zhang Qin Liao Yishi) Changjiang Hankou Station water level reached 25.12 meters, exceeding the water level of 0.12 meters. According to the latest prediction, the water level in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River will continue to rise. The Wuhan Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters decided to start the Yangtze River flood control IV emergency response at 11 oclock on the same day. Recently, due to the falling of the Three Gorges Reservoir, the upstream water increased and Dongting Lake…◆, the water system of Poyang Lake continued to rain△…, and the water level in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River continued to rise. At 10 oclock on the 26th, the Yangtze River Hankou Station has a water level for the first time in the first time this year. According to the ▼▲●•”Wuhan City Flood Control Emergency Expected Plan”▲◆, the Yangtze River Flood Control IV emergency response will be launche?Gelatin capsule price pectin collagen peptides without bovine,