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[hydrolyzed bovine hide collagen peptides]At the routine press conference held in the Ministry of Commerce today (27th), there is a media asking the European Parliament to announce the frozen China-EU investment agreement. How do the Ministry of Commerce have evaluated this impact on China and EU economic and trade cooperation? Will the open commitment made in China in the Agreement will also be suspended◆◁? In this regard, the peak of the spokesperson said that China and European interaction is an important economic and trade partner, the cooperation is wide, and the company has close■=•, and has formed “You have me, I have you” interest integration. Peak introduction▼•, under the joint efforts of both sides, from January to April this year•◁•, China and Europe trade reached 250□▪.3 billion US dollars, an increase of 42% year-on-year; the European Union has an actual investment of 1.95 billion US dollars in China, an increase of 12.4%, China to the .

Original title: How much is tariff to buy imported cars☆▲=? This years government work report pointed out that the import tariffs such as car, some daily consumer goods were lowered◆▽△★. It is necessary to promote industry upgrades and trade balance developments in greater efforts to provide more choices for consumers. In recent years, my country has reducing the import tariffs of some consumer goods. In 2017, the 187 imported products were lowered, and the average tax rate was reduced by 17☆○=▪.3% to 7▼◇.7%■◁◇. Reduce consumer goods import tariffs, which is conducive to enriching domestic consumption options and guides domestic supply system transformation and upgrading. What should I drop in the next import tariff? What product areas will be specifically to? What impacts bring to domestic related companies? During the “two sessions”▽☆, the Beijing News launched the ▪▪”economic policy” topic. Through deep interview, representatives, committe.

Original title: Online processing…◇●=, non-menstruation, motor vehicle traffic violation business officially opened the Beijing News News (Reporter Yan Jianfei) reporter learned from the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau Open△•…. The vehicle driver can handle a fine of a fine of 200 yuan and below, and the cumulative score is less than 12 points▽-○. Single illegal penalty is not more than 200 yuan, the cumulative score is less than 12 points online handling illegal record Beijing Traffic Management Department said, relying on the Ministry of Public Security Internet Traffic Management Integrated Service Platform, now officially opened the driver and non-menacked motor vehicle self-help binding business Driver, all people of the vehicle can log in to the =▪”traffic control 12123″ mobile app●□■□, by filling out the information, uploading photos●▼△, verifying the pho.

As of 24:00○…□, May 27, Hefei Citys only medium-risk area Feixi County Shangpi Town Satellite Community Jinyun International Commercial and Residential Building, no new local confirmed cases, invisible infections▲…◆, and suspected cases, After the end of the final disinfection▲△, according to the research and judgment of the Emergency Command of Feixi County, according to the relevant provisions of the State Councils joint defense mechanism●…★◁, the emergency headquarters of the Peaceful Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Command is determined from May 28th, will be fat The Jinyun International Commercial and Residential Building, Shangpi Town, West County, adjusted to a low-risk area. As a result, Hefei City is a low-risk area▪□▼. For 14 days☆□▷△, all the two provinces have been confirmed by the patients secrets, 3005 times in Hefei Doma.