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Gelatin wholesale protein energy drink industry kosher beef gelatin,[empty cellulose capsules]Original title: The amount involved in the case is more than 700 million yuan. The general manager of Lu Jinfen is Changhong is subject to the review and liberation date■◆•◇. On January 5 this year, the first branch of Shanghai Lujiazui Financial Development Co▷☆., Ltd. The former chairman of Lu Jiazui International Trust Co., Ltd…▷■. Chang Hong is suspected of corruption★●, illegal operation of similar business▷△▷▼, and misappropriating public funds△△▪. On April 2, Shanghai No. 1 Middle Court held a trial. The trial showed that this case was publicly heard in Shanghai, the Fifth Tribunal of Shanghai, at 9:30 am on April 2△=. Due to the complex case□▷, the conference before the case was held recently△…○▽. According to the public data, Changhong was born in 1963, graduated from the Graduate School of Xian Jiaotong University School of Management in 1990, a doctoral degree. From .

Original title: American Battleship Aircraft Carrier Yunji More than Other Fleets in the South China Sea More Picture Description: The US Naval Research Reporter Shi Li] US Navy Research Association website announced the main ship of the US Navy Surface Ship on April 2 The distribution map shows at least 3 aircraft carrier fighting group▪▼▼, and 1 amphibious attack ship clusters are located in the South China Sea and even the Asia Pacific region. From this website and the US Navys official website, it is currently in the Asia-Pacific Sea▪☆◇, which has been assembled for the large number of large water-surface ships in the US Navy. According to the chart released by the US Navy Research Association, the number of ships in the seventh fleet in the Asia-Pacific direction has reached 58, which exceeds the sum of other fleet deploying ships, which is equivalent to deploying the total amount of ships in the fleet (95 ships. 61% ?

Zhongxin Net Kunming May 27 (Yang Xiangyu Chen Shengyao) reporter learned from Yunnan Provincial Forest Fire Corps on the 27th that on the day of 20:30, the “broken nose family” on the north of all the way has passed the city of Zhizheng City▪-▪●. Near Fuji Road and Niangzhi High Speed□•◇◇. At present, the people in the county town of the city have been evacuated★○▲◇, and the Yunnan Forest Fire Corps continued to use the drone object group to implement survey and tracking◆•◁◁. Chinas Asian elephant is mainly distributed in Xishuangbanna▽=, Puer City☆◇☆◁, and the number of Puer City and about 300. This rare 15 Asian pictures of the north migration-■△☆, the original life in the national nature reserve of Xishuangbanna national nature reserve. Photo shows the forest of Yunnan Provin!

Original title: The representative of the Peoples Congress recommended that the Lantern Festival is included in the legal holidays? Today is the Lantern Festival, just a work day. Last year, the National Peoples Congress representative◁●☆, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Hubei Provincial Peoples Congress, Zhou Hongyu, a professor of Huazhong Normal University, has made recommendations to incorporate the Lantern Festival into the national legal holiday. According to the “Legal Evening News” report, this year▪▷, Zhou Hongyu once again went to Beijing to participate in the national two sessions▼▲◇□. He was in the Lantern Festival, and he said to the legal evening reporter, ready to take this opportunity to raise the recommendations of the Lantern Festival into the national legal holiday▷…▲▲. Zhou Hongyu believes that after entering the legal holiday, the public can pass the happy and excellent national traditional culture, relax the spirit and body through the Lantern Festival holiday, to better inherit the traditional culture of the Chinese nation-▪. The Lantern Festival, also known as “Element Festival▪=” or …●”Light Festival”○=. True mon.

Original title▽◇: [Solution] What is the economic situation in the second half? The Political Bureau of the 31st is the key to the central political bureau conference on at home and abroad, held on July 31◆▲=. Its importance does not have to be said. According to the practice, every year, July◆△◇, October◁●, December, the Central Political Bureau will ▼=”analyze the current economic situation and economic work”, make new judgments▲△, and new deployments. This year, the value of the domestic policy turns and the critical period of China and the United States, in such a large background, how will the central government study and deploy the second half of the year? The amount of information is very large, one by one. There are many variations▼□. Looking back on the Political Bureau of the April 23 this year, the judgment at the time was still “my countrys economic cyclical trend”◆…, and by July 31-■▽•, it is. industrial application of single cell protein can bovine collagen peptides cause weight gain