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Gelatin capsule bulk-gelatin-powder japan gelatin,[industrial proteins]Original title: The person in charge of the China Banking Regulatory Commission “unveiled” detailed explanation of financial risk initiatives on March 2▪◆△▽, the China Banking Regulatory Commission held a press conference, and the leader of the top ten reporters asked, introducing the Banking Regulatory Commission to resolve the financial risks in the past year, lead the banking industry Achievements in the high quality development of the service economy. Photographing / Legal Evening News • The person in charge of the Pu Changting on the spot includes: China Banking Regulatory Commission prudentials the director of the Secretary of China, the Director of the Live Inspection Bureau○…□•, Director Liu Fushou, the Director of the Ministry of Finance, Li Shufeng, Director of the Ministry of Innovation Li Wenhong, Yang Liping, director of the large bank, director of the Urban Bank Department▽•, Director▼…, Duan Duan Duan Duan•▼▲★, Director of the Foreign Bank▷◁•, Director Deng Zhiyi, director of the Trust Department=◆…, and Yang Dongning•▲, deputy director of the Propaganda Work Department. Xiao Yuan●□, director of prudential regulation-•▼=, said th.

Original title: (Environment) Beijing-Tianjin-Hebao diffusion conditions unfavorable Beijing launch air heavy pollution blue warning Xinhua News Agency Beijing April 1st (Reporter Ni Yuanjin) Beijing Air Pollution Emergency Command Office started on April 1st Air pollution blue warning. Since March 31, it is affected by the East of Taihang Mountain☆▲●•, and the south of Yanshan is an influential meteorological condition. The conditions of the large gas pollution during the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region are generally unfavorable…●▷. The air quality in the southern part of the region has reached the ▼•▼”5-level heavy pollution” level. Please Citizens do health protection. The Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau said that it is subject to the joint influence of the pollution emissions of Beijing, and the concentration of pollutants in Beijing gradually accumulates, and the air quality is gradually turning. Especially in the morning of April 1, under the action of metastasis, the concentration of pollutants in Beijing rapidly increased, as of .

Original title: The significance of the reform of the institution, the minister of the Ministry of China◆□…, Chen Xi, from March 15th, the Peoples Day Newspaper issued a member of the Central Political Bureau, the Secretary of the Central Committee, Minister of the Central Order, Chen Xi Articles, entitled ▽▼…△”Deepening the Reform of Party and National Institutions and the Inevitable Requirements of Strengthening the Construction of the Party s Long – term Governing Capability.” More than 5,000 words, focusing on the partys leadership=△◁, the partys long-term governance capacity building the inherent logic between the same institutional reform. The article pointed out that the party and national institutions are an important carrier of our party. Adhere to and strengthen the comprehensive leadership of the party○▪…○, strengthen the construction of the partys long-term governance capacity★◆••, urgently through scientific settings, reasonable allocation functions, overtraising, and improve the system mechanism, so that the party and national institutions should better carry great struggle••…, build a great project Advan.