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[is gelatin a collagen]Original title: The Kuomintang first person? Zhu Lilun will meet with the Director of the National Taiwan Affairs Office on the 26th, and Zhu Lilun△▽☆◇, the New North Mayor Zhu Lilun, at the group▽-, to Jiangsu Nanjing, Suzhou, Kunshan and Shanghai and other places to exchange. It is understood that Zhu Lilun will meet with Director Liu Jie of the Mainland National Taiwan Affairs on the 26th. •□”Zhu Liuhui▷▪” Cheng, Zhu Lilun also became the first place in the Kuomintang and Liu Ji. Since Wu Dunyis next party chairman□▪◁, the cross-strait route continues Ma Ying-jeis “Nine Two Consensus……” route▷-●, for a political parties that become in the wild◁=□-, in fact, there is no longer supporting new dialogue space. The Kuomintang has declared a national average forum in late April. Wu Munyi was subject to the identity of the deputy leaders in Taiwa.

Original title: Asian drink milk after milk? Chinas technology is perfect! Speaking of milk, I believe that the emotions in my heart are very complicated. Li Keqiang talked about the five years in the governments work report, China has been transforming the traditional industry, improving the quality and efficiency of supply system▽▽☆. Milk is a key point•-▽◆. After years of governance and efforts, the manufacturing level of the Chinese dairy industry, the quality of dairy products…▲■, in fact, has already reached the international first-class level, but this mouth is in love milk, many people What is the most authentic situation in China in this industry○△▼? CCTV Finance “Economic Half-hour” reporter conducted an investigation★△▷…. 4 staff members of 1300 tons of milk can be completed every day, I dont see a drop of mil•◁○○.

Original title: Qi Zhiyu representative: Enterprise from the post wage system to the Skills wage system, the national Peoples Congress representative, China FAW Hongqi Factory Technology Departments external network maintenance workers Qi Yuyu said that the company should adopt a more flexible salary system▷◇, incentive system, to inspire more Many people take the initiative to choose the will of employment posts in industrial workers. Qi Zhiyu recommended that enterprises transition to the skills wage system▼●, will change the performance floating around the post wages to float around the skills salary◁▼▽, which is conducive to the role of enterprises to better play incentive mechanisms and cultivate more industrial workers▼▽□. Qi Zhiyu said that the skills wage system is a new salary system that is generally adopted in the reform in my country in recent years•☆. It is a basis for evaluation based on basic labor elements such as labor skills, labor responsibilities★-•, labor intensity, labor conditions=•-, and posts or staf◇◁▪. protein energy drink industry report beef gelatin powder halalAbout Us bovine collagen peptides during pregnancy pig gelatin factory,