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Pectin manufacturer.[sugarbeet pectin]China News Agency, May 26 (Reporter Li Chun) China Disease Prevention and Control Center, Deputy Director Xiao Lin said in Beijing on the 26th, in the process of continuing smoke-free environmental legislation, it is recommended to include electronic cigarettes into non-smoking management•◁△. Among them, the electronic buttons of the public places can be used in accordance with the method☆••…. On the same day▼…, the National Health and Health Committee Planning Division and the World Health Organization Office jointly held a press conference in Beijing, issued the “China Smoking Hazard Health Report 2020″. The new report of the report expounds the health hazard of electronic cigarettes. The report pointed out that the electronic cigarette is rapidly popular in the world▽◆□-, and the data shows that the electronic cigarette use rates in various countries have grown year-on-year growth tren.

Original title: The representative member is hot discussion on •☆◁”Impatant Network”, with a generation of children youth to change the 100 billion profit value? Future network Beijing March 12th is the online game overall revenue of 218◆▼.96 billion yuan△•▼●, which is equivalent to the good news of the Global Film Box Office. One is a tragedy of the 12-year-old teenager. Is there a good time behind the fast development of online games•△▷◆, is it at the expense of damage to your teenagers●◇■◆? During the national two sessions=▲, youth addicted online game issues▽…◇, triggered representatives of the National Peoples Congress and the CPPCC. Even members have anger to anger: “Online games should kill!” “Online games are mentally drugs.” Members of the National Political Consultative Conference, the Dean of Tangshan Peoples Hospital, said◁▪, to control online games like controlling drugs. Because I saw some childrens addiction online games almost b industrial production of whey protein vital proteins bovine collagen peptides pectin product how to find gelatin crystal!

Original title○◇▪: Guizhou Zhouxi Village =□”Do not grow corn along the road”? Official▪=★○: Not reported to appreciate the new Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Wei intern European Dream Snow) Recently, a ▼●●”Women who did not have a corn along the road along Guizhou Kaili Zhouxi Village and road scenic spots, otherwise it will be eliminated The notice of the year of cooperative medical subsidies triggered concerns. Today (March 26th), Guizhou Kaili Agriculture Bureau responded to the Beijing News reporter said that the notice is determined by the Zhouxi Village Committee, but it is not allowed to report the town party committee and the town government to obtain approval, so it will not be implemented•▪◆○. Village cadres will be punished. In the notice called =▪”Adjusting Corn Planting Structure”▪■●, according to the requirements of the provincial and adjustment of the agricultural industrial structure, it combines the actual decision, and there are many places in the village, such as the government behind the governmen.