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[function of protein in food industry]Original title: Never allow the class to talk about lessons! Just, the Minister of the Ministry of Education put these “话▽●△•” on March 16th, the 13th National Peoples Congress, the news center held a press conference, and the Minister of Education, Minister Chen Baosheng◆○, answered the reporter on the hot problem. Talking about college ranking, ★◇◆”It comes to comment▽◇▼, I do my”▼=■; talk about training institutions advertising all day flight▲◆•, …★”Do not listen to the advice to listen to the leisure, the burden increase everyone”; talk about the big class, “this year basically eliminates the oversized class” ■☆…… Chen Baosheng left a lot of wonderful words at the reporter-=▼, and made a force for many educational issues. We quickly comb, come together twinlab maxilife chicken collagen type ii organic collagen powder! These words are very exciting ○□”University ranking▪▪■●” it commented on it, I do my own rankings, these ratings, you can see it••▷◇, please refer to it, but you dont care about it, .

Original title: “The real Zhou Tianzi Tomb is currently not found” ■ Experts “■ Expert Xu Wei Min, male◁○, born in 1960, Huanzhou District, Weinan City▼▷, Shaanxi Province■–•. Dr. History, professor of the Northwest University Cultural Heritage College▷▷, doctoral tutor▪▪. The research direction is Chinas historical geography☆◁△, and the work has ★▲▪”early Qin culture research”. ■ Interview background Our province has been committed to building emperor tightening to build new business cards in Shaanxi cultural tourism, and connecting 29 Han Tang Emperor Lingling is currently under construction. What role will these emperor will play against the culture and tourism development of Shaanxi? How to deal with the relationship between emperors protection and urban construction and tourism development◇•▪◁? Recently, China Business News reporter interviewed the recent published “Shaanxi Emperor Mausoleum” editor▪▪□, ★▼”Professor Xu Weiimin” of the Cultural Heritage College of Northwestern Universit!

Original title: This large piece has just been released and received a word-of-mouth box office double ▷●○•”playing Call▷●”○•◁ fish based collagen peptides! The audience: I have to bring the childs second brush record “I am very powerful▼▪, my country” starts in the national cinema line in the national cinema line☆◁…▷, whether the box office is still a word of mouth, the first day of the •◇•◁”playing Call□◆○▲”=▪, the first day▷△◁-, the box office broke through 41 million yuan, many theater The last rate of more nine-centered audience said “I have to take my daughter two brush what are the ingredients in gelatin!●○◇•” About this “phenomenon” movie many viewers have something to say◁……=, “Reunion▷•” this year, Wang Xiaodong didnt go home for the New Year for the first time★△. As a deputy manager of the Ministry of Engineering Department of the North Tianshan Estios Tunnel Project of the North Tianshan, Xinjiang, China●=★, Southwestern Branch, must guarantee the safety of the project. On the 2nd, the Lantern Festival=◆-, he and the family of 3,000 kilometers watched electrici.Pectin manufacturer,