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[elasten collagen]Original title: Beijing prosecution: General case cancels three-level approval system Xinhua News Agency Beijing March 29 (Reporter Xiong Lin) Beijing Municipal Peoples Procuratorate issued, according to the judicial responsibility system, Beijing procuratorate gradually expanded to the prosecutor Authorized scope○•. In general cases, the three-level approval system was canceled, highlighting the status of the prosecutors case, and promoting the prosecutors performance capability. This is what the reporter learned from the first prosecutor meeting in Beijing on the 29th. Gao Gujing, deputy secretary of the party group of the Beijing Municipal Peoples Procuratorate, said in 2017, Beijing procuratorate gradually expand the scope of authorization to the prosecutor, in addition to the major, difficult☆•, complex cases and possible other judicials in accordance with my countrys laws and regulations The case of agency judgment▽▽☆, ruling and decision is determined by the procurator or the procurat.

Original title◆=☆: As long as there is a speech to speaking on March 5, the National Peoples Congress represents Guo Fenglian answered the reporter in the “Representative Channel•△▽◆”. Beijing News reporter Hou Shaoqing photo National Peoples Congress, Guo Fenglian…○◇▪, a total secretary of Dazhai Village★■•, Dazhai Town, Shanxi, Jinzhong City, Shanxi▼•◁, Zeng Zhai, “Tiegu” captain◇…•▼, this year is the sixth elected National Peoples Congress As the peasant representative▽=, Guo Fenglian is very concerned about the •◆•”three rural” issues■▽◆◁, and five proposals have been mentioned this year. She said-△, now she still lives in Dazhai, live in the countryside, did not leave her home. As long as there is an occasion▼■▼◁, she is going to speech a farmer◁…•=. Talking about performance proposals are all about the rural farmers Beijing News: This year is the general representative of the National Peoples Congress□••▼? Guo Fenglian: The sixth time-•▼▲. I am the fourth, the 5th National Peoples Congre!

Today (27th)••, the Ministry of Transport held a press conference to introduce the revised “Maritime Traffic Safety Law” related content. The Maritime Traffic Safety Law will be implemented on September 1, 2021. “Haian Law●=” is the basic law in the field of my countrys sea…▽•▼, establishes the basic system of maritime traffic safety management. The amendment is the first comprehensive revision of the 1983 promulgation. From the strengthening of ship crew management, implementation of safety security system, strengthen sailing safety supervision, improve search and rescue emergency and accident investigation and handling mechanism, standardizing impact of fair civilization law enforcement, etc. The system and content of management have been fully enriched, and the revised ▲■☆”Maritime Traffic Safety La★-◇.

Original title△▪☆: Facing ◇•”Canada Goose”▪□, the National Peoples Congress represents Qiu Yaf: Improve the self-confidence of the national brand Beijing March 7th news, yesterday afternoon, at the opening day of the Shandong delegation-▽•○, the National Peoples Congress, Shandong Ruyi Holdings Group Director Qiu Yafu, Chairman of the Bureau□■★, talked that many people have not yet accepted the high-end brands from China, and many people go to France, and Italy snapped up high-end brands●▷=…. This winter○★, Canada Goose (GOOS, Nishi Garda Goose) and Moncler (MONC) down jacket from France suddenly popped up in China. Qiu Yafu said◇▼□☆, now some young children prefer to buy 20,000 yuan, with this Canadian business down jacket, and dont want to spend 2000 yuan to buy a very good domestic down jacket▼…. As◇●. gelatin suppliers pure gold eye mask collagenGelatin capsule collagen supplement what is hydrolyzed fish collagen peptides,