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[collagen powder private label]Original title▽▲: Facing “Canada Goose”, the National Peoples Congress represents Qiu Yaf: Improve the self-confidence of the national brand Beijing March 7th news, yesterday afternoon-▲▽, at the opening day of the Shandong delegation▪…, the National Peoples Congress, Shandong Ruyi Holdings Group Director Qiu Yafu, Chairman of the Bureau☆▽, talked that many people have not yet accepted the high-end brands from China, and many people go to France, and Italy snapped up high-end brands. This winter▲=, Canada Goose (GOOS△▷, Nishi Garda Goose) and Moncler (MONC) down jacket from France suddenly popped up in China=-. Qiu Yafu said, now some young children prefer to buy 20,000 yuan, with this Canadian business down jacket, and dont want to spend 2000 yuan to buy a very good domestic down jacket. As=■=.

Xinhua News Agency, March 6th: From the Government Work Report, the 2018 Economic Social Development Eight Take the Eight Town to Xinhua News Agency△◁, Liu Hongxia△○▪, Xu Wei☆=•, Gao Jing, Tan Ji, submitted to government work report considered by the 13th National Peoples Congress■-□, Elite out eight trends in economic and social development this year. The economic development turned to ▼▲”high quality” is a steady economic development. It is better than expectation, and it is still not resolved. The report starts from the perspective of promoting high quality development, and the development expectation is highly established to optimize financial resources. Taking the GDP (GDP) and the fiscal deficit rate in China as an example. This year, my countrys GDP growth target is set to 6△▷▷•.5%◆☆, and it is planned to arrange 2.38 trillion yuan for fiscal deficit=☆▪…. The deficit rate is 20% from 0.4 percentage points from the previous yea.

Xinhua News Agency, Shenyang□▽, May 28 (Reporter Gao Shuang), a steel fishing boat, “Liaoning fishing 23937” on the 25th, near the Liaoning Sea of ​​Huanghai▪▼, my country on the 25th. The reporter learned from the relevant departments of Donggang City○●▪△, Liaoning Province, as of now, has not found the missing personnel in the sea▽▪, underwater search and rescue and shipwreck dragging work is also in progress=△. After the accident, the Donggang Municipal Government and the Dandong Maritime Safety Administration organized a social search and rescue force and the professional search and rescue team, the law enforcement boat, rescue boat, search and rescue helicopters and fishing boats were uninterrupted to implement search and rescue work, and the first time fixed the lipping vessel position•◁▷, and The ship completed local binding and exploration. The relevant departments are under the premise of search and rescue safety protection, gr?Pectin manufacturer i notice you are in the protein nutrition industry collagen fish collagen peptides,